My new bike all rigged out for its maiden voyage :)


just us

Well finally I have sorted out my new bike and after doing about 500kms on
it I talked hubby into a 3 day trip out into the back country of far north
Qld. We were up in the dark, ate and left home at first light. A very cool
and quick 30kms later I heard hubby yell from behind "wait up" and looked
around to see him stopped on the side of the road. He had broken 3 spokes on
his trusty 3 yr old (5000 +kms MTB) and the wheel was buckling :(
So we limped home, changed the bags to the biggies and set off in the other
direction on the tandem.
We will just have to try out my new rig in a couple of weeks time - shucks,
it just felt so good too!
What do you rekon?????