My new CARACI.....whats your thoughts?


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Mar 1, 2013
I just picked up this bike, an found out the name just came out! No reviews an cant find a soul with one of these things. Its the F 2.0 steal frame/forks/bars/crank with aloy wheels. This is my first REAL FB, had a pos shifty that i had to convert an before i new it i was getting sore riding a bike an it felt good. So once the bottom of my crank-case cracked an my crank dropped threw on such a wounderful walked in to thr LBS an asked for a steal tank of a fixie because after dealing with my last issue on my alo frame i wanted steal, STEAL IS REAL! So he showed me this new bike that came out....dint mention the NAME JUST CAME OUT TOO! So bought the bike, an got it 3 days later. Tooke it out, came back same day an geared it from 42/17 to 48/16 an got the HARDSLICK because i like to lock it up, alot. Got new grips, orderng a quike release axel for the front, ripped some stickers off, an looking to get some nice carbon drop bars an currently looking at a Brooks. Ive put 500miles since i geared it an all that stuff, an i think they need to be broken in, or its getting easier to ride? Im not sure i cant find jack on these bikes besides there website......whatz your thoughts?
Heres a screen shot from there site on the one i got besides the gearing an grips an what nots.....i think my pics are too large.....