My old friend !


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Mar 30, 2007
At one time this bike was my dailly ride for almost 10 years. We've done countless climbs up Mt. Wachusett and Mt. greylock together, along with 100's of TT's. We've been on many centuries and Brevets of all distances together along with some 24 hr. events. We were very close friends for many years and she never complained with the long hours on the sun scortched roads of New England. But time moves on and other things can pull us in different directions. The last eight years I have seen my riding lean more to the trails in my backyard and less on the road. So the other day as I'm putting my simgle speed away I notice her just hanging there looking lonely. I've forgotten about my old friend this year, and she knows it, but she never complains. I take her off the hook clean the dust off her and give her a quick little tune up. I then promise her I'll be back tomorrow to take her out to play on the sun soaked road again. I knew we wouldn't be a fine tuned machine as we once where, and knew it would take several rides to get comfy with each other again. So after our ride and a nice wipe down for her I reminded her that I would be back again much sooner than before, I promise.
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