My Plan to Grow Taller. Any Health Risks? My plates are open

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    [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Sbharris[atsign] wrote:
    >> George Cherry wrote:
    >>> "* *D**Z* *" wrote:
    >>>> I'm trying to increase me head size by eating HUGE amounts of COCONUT
    >>>> OIL because it is so rich in OMEGA-3, and by applying a toilet suction
    >>>> cup plunger to there head. I'm going to pump it up and drink heated
    >>>> coconut oil every 2 hours. It will create tension forces and make me
    >>>> head grow. Do your think this will make me smart???
    >>> It didn't make Montygram smart.

    >> You beat me to it. Anecdotally, it's a loser of a treatment.

    > Dang. Seriously though, will this harm me?

    Me hear COCONUT OIL is chock-full of OMEGA-3. If I read Dr. Peat and
    Dr. Montygram correctly (or are they the same Dr???) that be totally
    prevent and chronic disease and lipidoid peroxidatium in the humane
    brane craneum.