my rolf aspin elan query


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Sep 29, 2004
So, I'm looking for a wheel upgrade in the spring. My LBS has Rolf Aspins in. The Prima is a NICE wheel and the 2013 model is £499. I also am tempted by the Elan, which has a a super smooth freewheel hub and is lighter but retails at £725. The shop also has 2012 Elans which he can give me for £500-550. The only difference I can see is the 2013 version has a semi aero rim. I'm riding 2005 Bontrager race x lites now. So my question is: is it worth the extra £250 to get the aero rims, or will I not notice the diffeerence between the two, given what I'm moving from? I don't want to buy the cheaper ones and always wonder if I should have gone the whole hog! This is likely my once in a lifetime upgrade.