my snow uni pic in newspaper




Newspaper photographer is cruising around looking for something to take
a picture of and along comes me on my uni.

The temperature was about 10 degrees F.

I scanned the picture from today's Burlington Free Press (Vermont).

Funny thing is that my mom just called me from Santa Rosa CA. She came
across the same picture in her local newspaper today, inside the front
page. She said to herself "that looks a lot like Mark", not really
expecting that it was.

Her paper printed it twice as big as mine, with a longer caption.

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What size tire was that? I'd like a studded tire for my muni, but
haven't found one in 24" yet...

Also, what kind of headgear is that under your helmet? Is it
uncomfortable? I tend to wear my snowboarding helmet, but it tends to
get really really hot... sweat was forming icicles on it on Tuesday ;)


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evil-nick wrote:
> what kind of headgear is that under your helmet?

It looks like a balaclava. I've got a thin one that goes quite well
under a helmet, and is very comfortable, excellent if it's really cold
weather. It rarely gets cold enough here to need it though - if it's
just slightly cold I just wear a bandana under the helmet to stop the
top of my head freezing (the cooling channels in the helmet are pretty
efficient with a cold wind!)


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I've been wearing my snowboarding helmet in the winter. It is pretty

Very nice picture. It is indeed nice to see unicyclists doing cool
stuff in the news. Too bad you aren't getting paid for its syndication!


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It is a balaclava under the helmet. It's comfortable enough. Fairly thin
but good down to zero degrees F.

Mine came from REI:

Here's Wikipedia on balaclavas:

I need to find some kind of outer cover for the helmet, to block
airflow through the vents.

The uni is a 28" (700c). The studded tire is Nokian.

Here's a thread about studding your own MUni tires:

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At the moment I spotted the newspaper photographer I was clutching the
saddle handle. I think most people, unfamiliar with unicycles, would
wonder what I was clutching. So I moved my hand to a more neutral

That's my black "bum bag" on the front. I switched from wearing it in
back after the second time I smashed a cell phone in a UPD.

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