My story - time for an upgrade, advice needed


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Mar 6, 2013
Hey all,

I started cycling a year ago this Spring. I weighed 290 pounds at the time and bought a nice sturdy aluminum Trek 1.1. My primary concern at the time was something that would support my weight. Fast forward a year and I'm down to 241 pounds! I said if I lost 50 pounds I would buy my next bike and so here we are.

My routine: My weekly sessions are 3-4 days a week, 20-35 miles each ride. My current goal is getting up to 40 mile rides before starting my training for the MS150 in June (the first week's ride is 34 miles, then 40 miles).

My primary concern for the bike was fitness last year. However, this year I'm hungering for more and more. I LOVE the bike, fitness aside. I've now met weight loss goals and want to blow them out the water and get under 200 pounds. I'm doing my first charity ride this summer and then the 150 mile 2 day ride for MS in October. Needless to say I need a bike that is going to be good for charity rides and my first century. I would love to be able to start races on my next bike when my weight gets under 200lbs.

TLDR: I need a good, fast endurance bike that will later be raced

What do you all suggest? I tried out the Cervelo S2 from my LBS and fell in LOVE!! It's $2800 and on sale for $2500 (2013 model left over). The price is my only issue - I wanted to spend no more than $2k. Should I just spend the extra and get the S2 or is there something as fast and comfortable for under $2k? I'm really interested in the 105 groupset and carbon frame, specifically. Should I consider alumium frames with carbon seat post/forks or should I only be looking at full carbon frames?

Thanks all!!
The S2 is a fine bike, but, for about the same price, you can go to 11 speed Ultegra instead of 105 with 2014 Giant. Either the TCR Composite 1 in race geometry, or the Defy Composite 1 in a more endurance frame.That's at full MSRP ($2550). I've seen them in shops for around $2200.

Giant makes some of Trek's carbon frames, for what it's worth.

Carbon and Ultegra for about the same price as a high end aluminum frame and Ultegra, such as an Specialized Allez or Cannondale CAAD 10, is worth looking into.
All I'm going to offer is a hearty, "Congratulations!", OP. Keep riding and losing those pounds!
Thanks very much for the input and congrats guys. After a lot of test drives, stress and uncertainty I made my choice! I ended up getting a leftover 2011 S5 VWD for $2300. I LOVE this bike!!! Stiff as a Tarmac and I'm in love with the SRAM Rival set!