My stuffin' car is gone!


Aug 11, 2001
Woke up this morning, walked outside and found my freakin' car had been stolen by some FSOB! &gt;:(<br /><br />I'm seriously ****** off!
I do have insurance, but they'll never pay out enough to fully replace the vehicle. You know how it goes.<br />And just two weeks ago I had the gearbox redone, which set me back by almost R4000 (A$800)! And the thing had new tyres on!
Sorry to hear the bad news Vo2.<br /><br />I've never been in that position but I can understand how you feel.<br /><br />Laz
bummer<br /><br />So are most stolen cars recovered over there?<br /><br />Over here stolen cars fall into one of two categories<br /><br />1) joy riders - they take your car on a few redline trips then dump it. You either get it back after its been burnt out or if your unlucky you'll get it back with a ****ed engine<br /><br />2) rackets (gangs?) - they high end cars and re birth them, second hand BMW's are worth stuff all over here cause alot of them have been rebirthed ;D They steal the near new car worth maybe 80-100k strip it, dump the shell, then legally buy the shell when its auctioned off, put their parts back on and they have an 'almost' legal car. pretty dodgy huh!<br /><br />cheers!
VO2.. so sorry to hear that.. <br /><br />I have been robbed a few times myself, car broken into 3 times, $1000 camera taken once, and then our two road bikes gone last year.. still saving for the new one..<br /><br />maybe you should get a massive ugly dog, buy a ute.. and let it sit in the back.. might deter thieves! eheh just trying to cheer you up mate. :(
lucky you did not have your bike in it though. my bike would cost more than the car i would probably purchase. your bianchi would not be cheap?. sorry about your loss.
Hey VO2, sorry about your car! Where did you have it parked? I'm moving to your area next year and you're making me worry! Good luck with the insurance.
What a day! You won't believe the inconvenience it causes when some monkey steals your car! It was my ute (bakkie here in SA). It was parked right in front of my possie, which incidently is &quot;protected&quot; by an electronic gate that can only be opened via a security code (yeah right). The gearlock and sensor alarm was on, but obviously that is of no concern to the bastards. They never even broke a window, just opened it, somehow got passed all the security devices, knew the pin code for the gate and drove off. My ID document, bank cards, firearm licenses and shopping cards, all gone! I'm a bit ****** off with myself for leaving those in the vehicle, as I never do. That day I did, and that day they were stolen. I don't think that the police will have much success in finding my bakkie. Stolen vehicles are taken to &quot;chop shops&quot; here in SA, where they are dismantled and the spare parts sold seperately. Some ******* is now driving around in Swaziland with a &quot;; bumper sticker on his &quot;new&quot; bakkie. At least this site will get some free advertising over there!<br />rant And then there is the Dept. of Home Affairs! ::) I don't think you can punish anyone more than sending them to the Dept. of Home Affairs! A que of 20 people took 2½ hours to service. I've been to Home Affairs a few times during the past few years, and it just gets worse! And they are supposed to reflect the govenment! All I can say is God help us. I'm almost sure that if you gave me a few oysters, some dry seaweed and a monkey sitting on a pile of stones, I'll be able to do a better job. F%$! you and everything you stand for! /rant<br />Breath in...breath out...<br />Standard Bank! Once again my faith in THE BANK has been confirmed. 5 minutes! Thats all it took to cancel my stolen cards, sort out the account and be issued with new cards. Maybe you guys should run for government! Hats off!<br />I still have an appointment with the insurance, as they were closed yesterday. I'm not looking forward to the meeting. Anything I get out of them will be a bonus, but I'm not expecting much.<br />ewep, where you moving to? If it's close by, we can go training together. I don't have a partner, and it gets kinda lonely training by yourself.
Sound slike the pricks knew what they were doing &gt;:(<br /><br />good luck getting it sorted
Geez, sorry to hear about all of that V02. I work at standard Bank (well, the merchant bank part) and its nice to hear something nice about the poor sods on the retail side. Even I spend most of my time moaning about them. One thing I've heard about for cars is that its a good idea to get something unusual as then the guys don't have as easy a time selling the thing or its parts again. Problem then is that the car probably costs more. <br /><br />You going to go for another bakkie?
Hey Vo2, read this for the first time, sorry to hear about it. Hope the insur. issue was sorted out and you got enough back to replace the bakkie. Good luck man.
Thanks guys. Looks like the insurance will be paying me out after all. I'm holding thumbs.
I think the picture of a nice bakkie was posted on the "mugshot" threat. That bakkie should have a lot of advantages (1) Start your own cycling transport to races and (2) now one can speed away after its stolen. (3) You'll save on speed fines, (4) put a canopy on and take the "skelm" on a "on the spot" weekend away. ;D ;D (Cycling of course.)
Good news! Just eight days after I submitted the claim, the insurance paid me out! I'm no fan of insurance companies, but Santam difinitely impressed me with the way they handled my claim!
[quote author=Vo2 link=board=10;threadid=2457;start=15#21509 date=1033987444]<br />Good news! Just eight days after I submitted the claim, the insurance paid me out! I'm no fan of insurance companies, but Santam difinitely impressed me with the way they handled my claim!<br />[/quote]<br />did you get the amount you expected?
Yeah, I actually got back more than I expected. I'm kinda overwhelmed.
[quote author=Vo2 link=board=10;threadid=2457;start=15#21513 date=1033990362]<br />Yeah, I actually got back more than I expected. I'm kinda overwhelmed.<br />[/quote]<br />more?....... colnago *cough cough* new colnago *cough cough* ummm car ;D
hehe...I've got enuff to get myself a new carbon frame with Campy Record gruppo, but I'll let the money rest until I've cooled down abit!