My thoughts on Bike Nashbar

And just to update everybody as of yesterday afternoon my account was deleted from Nashbar. But it had to take all this to get any action. The Youngstown Ohio BBB sent me a email yesterday afternoon saying they contacted Nashbar. But it seems a little late for them now after all the negative reviews and forum threads I posted on the internet. They could have been a little faster and not have taken more than three weeks to delete my account, but that's their problem now.
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.... And their not good.Here is my recent experience with Bike Nashbar.I am not sure when they were founded but I know I bought cycling stuff from Bike Nashbar and Performance Bike about 20 years ago without a single problem, that is until recently when I created a new account to buy some new cycling related items. The problems begin when I received a subscription to Outside Magazine. For the life of me I did not know who would have done this until I thought of recently signing up at BN.So I call BN and talk to their customer service rep. and she said they did it. Well I went ballistic, what gives them the right to do these kinds of things without my authorization. So I kindly ask the CSR to cancel my account at BN and she says she will forward it to the right person. I then go to the Outside Magazine website to cancel my subscription and stop auto renewal.A week goes past and I’m still able to log in to my account at BN, so this time I email them. And I get same script from BN, we will will pass it on to the right person. After waiting a few weeks I receive another copy of Outside Magazine in the mail. Here we go again. Back to Outside Magazine’s website to cancel my subscription again and now I find even thou the magazine is in my name I am not authorized to change my auto renewal settings. I email a CSR from Outside Magazine, this time telling them that BN had no authorization from me to send me the magazine and I also ask to have my auto renewal changed. I also emailed BN again this time threatening to report them to the BBB and FTC.I think that I would like to give a person or company a little leeway sometimes, but this time, three strikes and your out. If they can’t figure it out the first time you ask then there is something very very wrong. They seem very incompetent to me.Customer Service Dept. or Company???? In this case I don’t know. It would be nice if there was a opt out when you sign up for an account , but there is none.As far as I’m concerned I’m done with them. I just hope Outside Magazine isn’t as hard to deal with.If others have asked BN to delete their account. My advice make sure they have, chances are they haven’t because they seem too inept.The customer service at BN is very very bad so I sure hope others heed the warning here.So as it stands now I have called my credit card company to report my card lost so BN can’t charge me for a auto renewal to Outside Magazine (I get a new number that is not in the BN system), waiting on a CSR from Outside Magazine to contact me. And I have given BN till September 16 to delete my account or they get reported and this story goes viral.So this morning I decided enough is enough. I have given them more than enough time to delete my account.So I reported Bike Nashbar to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.
What A nightmare! Two free copies of Outside Magazine and then you have to ask Bike Nashbar three times before they close your account. And you know they still have your information...

Way to go viral on the internet with it. That'll teach 'em!
I haven't dealt with Nashbar in over a decade...mainly because other websites had better choices. But the CC fraud issue put them off my list for life.

I do kinda miss Supergo, though.....
bigpedaler said:
I haven't dealt with Nashbar in over a decade...mainly because other websites had better choices.  But the CC fraud issue put them off my list for life. I do kinda miss Supergo, though.....
Supergo used to have some quality stuff. Nashbar used to have some quality stuff before they were purchased by Performance Bike, who happened to kill Supergo. I bought Selle Italia's Flite saddle the year it was introduced, and I bought at the Nashbar store off Midlothian, in Youngstown.......well, when the store was there, anyway.