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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Tim Hall, Jun 1, 2003.

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    Saturday I noticed there was a bike try out day in the town centre (Crawley), so I innocently
    suggested to my daughter that I take her shopping and we go by bike. Imagine my surprise when we
    arrived in the square (on tandem) and she noticed all the bikes. "A bike event, gosh, who'd have
    thought it?"

    An area had been fenced off with various bents, tandems, folders etc to try. Around the edge a
    couple of LBS had stalls, as did the local cycling club. They had a trainer set up, inviting punters
    to see what power they could develop. Alan, who seemed to be in charge of the trainer, also runs yet
    another LBS, the one I use, and talked me into having a go. The highest reading on the Cateye doofus
    so far was 12xx
    W. Yours truly managed a shade over 1400W. For a very short time.

    Later I had a go on a Linear and a Micwic. Both these are LWB bents and Mr Micwic was there to tell
    me all about them. I already have an Oke Ja, kind of uprightish bent, but these were something else.
    The bent grin started to appear. It's all an evil conspracy by The Dark Side.

    Went home and fixed up Anne's new (free) bike (having got hold of a short reach stem). With my new
    job I don't get to ride to the office and am missing the cycling so need to make up for it at
    weekends. I suggested to Anne we test her bike by a spin out to a pub. Only 12k there, 16k back with
    a good fast down hill.

    Still needing more miles, I took heed of the article in C+, and set the alarm for 08:00 this morning
    and got out for a ride before the rest of the house was up. 40 odd kilometres in showers and sun,
    back for croissants and coffee. It doesn't get much better.

    I understand very little of what's being discussed but for some reason it's fascinating.

    (Jon Thompson, urs)

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