My wish

Hmmm, I don't feel comfortable with this thread. I'm gonna keep my eye on it. Anything below the belt and it's history!

Take care...
Vo2, please delete this thread since I already posted one before it. Sorry for the double post.

Thanks :)
Don't know about the "fine", but yes, I'm female and new to this forum as well. Very interesting indeed! ;D
Howzit Roadster...welcome aboard! From your name I take it that you're a roadie then? ;D
It's good to have some more ladies aboard...
Hi Roadster! Any female on a bike is FINE! hehe
What kind of bike do you ride, a WSD or a regular one?
Thanks, I feel welcome already. Definately a roadie, and a very green one at that!!! So I do not know what WSD means ???. I ride a Tommasini and REALLY ;D ;D ;D enjoy cycling.
Yah, I'll definately be at 94.7 this year. Hope its not going to rain like last year. Had a really frightening experience last year with the rain and would not like it repeated.
Vo2, Roadster.....

I take it you're also in SA?

How are your preparations going for next year's Argus??
I stay in Cape Town....and with the **** weather we're having at the moment, I predict a tough race!!

What do you think of Malcolm Lange kicking Robbie Hunter's ass in Durban...seems like we do have some serious talent at home!!

Anyway....what are we doing posting messages on an Aussie site??????????????? :D
It might be hosted in Australia, but this doesn't mean you have to be australian to post to it.
Vo2 is from SA, he has played quite a big part in getting this forum to where it is today.

Yeah, live in Pretoria. Preparations are going well, just wish I had a proper training program for the Argus.
This is a cool site 8), that's why. Do you know of any chat forum in SA?
Hi Roadster,

I meant Womens Specific Design (WSD) :)

How's riding over tehre in Pretoria (where is that BTW?)? HEre in the RP, riding (not to mention driving and almost everything else) SUCKS! That is why I spend most of my time on my trainer. I can get a better workout indoors rather than outdoors!

How long have you been riding Roadster?
Used to live in Pretoria....glad I got away from that place ;)
Try the messageboard at don't expect too much, the postings are mostly complaints regarding race organization!

If you want to do some hill training, try the roads around Moreleta Park and surrounding areas.... quite a is dodging crazed maniacs in the traffic ;D
Hi Altwegg
No, I don't ride a WSD, just a normal bike.
The route that I train on is very popular with cyclist, got a broad shoulder to ride on. And because I'm female and cycle alone, it is very dangerous to cycle on remote roads. You've probably heard how popular SA is with car hijackers, well, believe you me, we even have cycle hijackers!!! Just have to have a look-out for the occassional taxi and bus jumping in front of you. Once had a car turning right in front of me while I was going done a very steep hill. Sumersaulted right over the car and landed on my head (did wear my helmet). Needless to say, my bike was a complete wreck. Luckily I didn't even have a scratch on me, only one hell of a headache. Also tried to do indoor training, too boring.
Reynhardt, tried the supercycling messageboard, but it's more a complain board, like you said and also if you want to buy a number for a big race that you wanted to enter but didn't. Not interesting at all. If you don't live in Pretoria any more, where do you live now?
To answer your question, Altwegg, been riding now for 3 years. Wish I started when I was younger and had more time.
Roadster... I now find myself living in Stellenbosch, near Cape Town. Beautiful place to stay... you know, with the mountains, winelands, relatively quiet backroads....same old, same old ;)

But I really miss Natal...lived in Durban just before coming down to the Cape. Natal is definetely cycling heaven....its the never-ending summer. Where else can you get up at seven in the morning, in the height of winter...go for a training ride (without arm warmers, long tights and the like), and get back from your ride drenched in sweat.......Beautiful!!!