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Jul 12, 2010
I had to begin PT this week because of an overuse injury in my knee. the therapist recommended that i buy a foam roller to try some myofascial release. the foam is working well, but i've heard that there are other products that also work. could you recommend some? i'm no expert, but according to this photo, i think its my vastus medialus (near the kneecap) thats giving me trouble.

its hard to roll on this muscle, i'm finding it easier to roll the roller over this muscle. are there any products with handles and ball bearings that provide a nice clean roll?
Medialis is the teardrop shape aspect of the quads. I can see your challenge with rolling on the foam. Maybe something like a dough roller, they sell similar products at those hokey massage stores. No insult to massage, I was an LMT for 5 years, but many of those stores are hokey. Otherwise it's in good proximity to work with your own hands/elbow. Sitting in a chair an leaning forward it is very easy to apply pressure with the elbow and just roll it around in the muscle body. Then when nice and flushed out I would use the thumbs to slowly apply more specific pressure working proximal to distal (use your body weight and center to create movement working away from you, otherwise you just end up with sore thumbs). I haven't done self-massage in ages but it does work.
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Thanks for the advice. I suspected that a lot of these products are gimmicks. I went to a yoga store, and the lady tried to sell me a foam roller for $34.95. I don;t mind spending money on a tool that is well designed, and has good value. 35 bucks for a piece of foam seems excessive to me.

I found this product online. anybody have experience with Trigger Point's Rollers?
That tool looks ok but seems a little pricey for what it is. The problem with tools is that we buy them with the best intentions but in the end they are no substitute for the real deal. For that $$ I may rather go for 2 sessions with a reputable therapist.
I usually use a tennis ball. If anyone doubts that it's not firm enough: get on your side, and roll around on the ball while it's on your IT band until you find a tender spot, then hold it there! YEEOUCH!
my trigger point knee kit just arrived in the mail today. I'm gonna test it out at physical therapy this afternoon, and report back.
It works great. Perfect for the IT band and outer quads, but a little more difficult to get at the Vastus Medialus, and interior muscles. With a little practice, I think it should become easier. I'm a little less impressed with the footballer. In order to operate it correctly, it needs to be elevated on a yoga block which significantly limits your range of motion. you also can't exert as much pressure with it as you can with the larger one. It may be an technique issue though. I hope i make some progress with my knee with these tools.

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