N.e. Ohio Roads Among The Worst In The United States


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Sep 12, 2005

Confirming what Ohioans already know...our roads SUCK.

Last week a piece of **** (irregularly shaped solidified metal chunks and other impurities poured off the top of the molten steel heats in blast and air arc furnaces and used by townships and counties as road repair filler) sliced the sidewall of my Goodyear GT II tire...$140 later for a new tire and I was rolling again.

Typically, between tires, alignments, suspension pieces, replacing corroded parts...the $800 figure sounds about right as an average for damage costs per year that are caused by our road conditions.

As far as cycling goes, tire wear is insane and a friend just totaled out his 50MM carbon rear clincher rim on a sharp edge transition from one partially ground surfaced to a repaved surface. Cracked the rim from tire bead right through to the spoke bed...and left it misaligned by almost 1/4" at the crack.

I've broken frames...which is not at all unheard of around these parts. After two very cold winters and two very wet summers our pot holes are now epic in size and number.

Worse, our 'repairs' are just a joke. Yesterday an old high school friend flagged me down to chat at the roadside near his business. He asked me if my hind end was enjoying the rough ride his newly half-assed resurfaced road was dishing out. I told him it was a super-highway compared to what it was a couple of months ago when all the local cyclists swore off riding it...it was actually dangerous with deep cracks that would suck a wheel in and flip a bike over. But, in reality it was almost as rough as what it was before the thin and cheap resurface job...that probably set the taxpayers back millions of dollars.

Yeah...Ohio roads do suck mightily
Sad to say our roads are a mess too. Best pavement around these parts is newly resurfaced or paved subdivisions, which of course residents pay for personally, or new or well-maintained large commercial developments.

I thought I hit the jackpot last year - they opened a massive new Kroger with some attached other businesses very close to home - pristine smooth pavement and a loop around the wide outer perimeter of the shopping center is 1.02 miles. Great place for training rides in the early AM.
I don't quite understand it. Do you mean to say those slags were from the paving material of the road? Why, that's very irresponsible for those street pavers to leave some slags on the surface. It's quite abnormal for bike tires to be busted by sharp objects on the road and when that happens, you will never forget it. With car tires, nails and screws are common causes of flat but with bikes, it is usually broken glasses. But slags?