Narrow rims for MTB road warriors

ant evans

New Member
Jan 23, 2003
Anyone know where to get narrow 26" (ISO 559, MTB) rims from?

1" is the narrowest I have seen, and it's too wide for 1" tyres (horrible ride, sidewall damage).

There are at least four 25mm slicks for 559 now:

Conti Grand Prix: fast, terrible ride, very fragile sidewalls
Hutchinson Top Slick Gold: very impressive in 31mm size
Hutchinson Top Slick: nice ride but paper thin
Schwalbe Stelvio: ?

So why do we still have to use rims designed for 50mm tyres? Where is Mavic? Do Sun do any? Looking at their sites, you'd think the only wheels that work on the road are 622.

Is there anyone who does custom rims?