'NASA EARTHLIGHTS" Triangle answers



Here is one of the most logical answers that I received concerning the "mystery" triangle, from
"bwhiting" and a very similar one from "matthew.sheren". Speaking for myself, it never even occurred
to me to consider anything extraterrestrial. Thanks, all, Nancree [email protected]

Nan, In looking at a world atlas, there are at least 4 major airports along that stretch of the
UAE (United Arab Emirites) and there are several major highways running East-West out of Abu
Dhabj) and North-south, roughly, along the Oman border, plus a parallel river there. So it is not
necessary to envoke a conspiracy (or UFO's) of some sort as those just could all be lights of
vehicles and/or boats, and/or landing lights of aircraft on final approach. Unusual, but
explainable, in human terms.

(A conspiracy is a Rube-Goldberg attempt at an explanation to a question that has already been
answered in a more mundane and boring explanation. ) FWIW, Clear Skies, Tom Whiting Erie, PA
Pres....Erie County Mobile Observers Group