Natural/Organic Based Products

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  1. Natural/Organic Based Products
    Not Just A Natural Approach to Nutrition-A Healthier Way to Live

    Nutrilite's position on natural-based nutrition is fairly obvious.
    In many ways, our success is built on the fact that all nutrition for
    animals and man must ultimately begin with whole, healthy plants. This
    was abundantly clear to Carl Rehnborg as he began formulating our very
    first supplement.

    Supplements Based on Whole-Foods Carl Rehnborg recognized that plants
    have the remarkable ability to turn inorganic matter-soil, sunlight,
    water and air-into organic matter (new plant cells). Animals and man
    cannot do this. The sustenance our bodies require to perform basic
    living functions must come either from plants or from other animals
    that eat plants. To put it in perspective, plants can exist without us,
    but we cannot exist without plants. Knowing that plants serve as the
    foundation for our food chain, it is only natural that NUTRILITE TM
    supplements should also be based on whole-plant foods.

    Phytonutrients-the Ultimate Source of Nutrition Today, we know that
    whole-plant foods offer a wide range of advantages. We also know why
    these foods are so essential for optimal health. The answer can be
    summed up in a single word: phytonutrients. Fresh, whole plants are
    literally teeming with these natural compounds. A single tomato, for
    example, may contain thousands of different phytonutrients. And while
    the vast majority of them have yet to be identified, researchers do
    know that many phytonutrients offer important health benefits. Needless
    to say, researchers who support NUTRILITE products spend a great deal
    of time identifying and quantifying phytonutrients, with the goal of
    finding and concentrating nature's most beneficial compounds.

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