NBG Bike Event to Connect Berkeley with Oakland*

For Immediate Release Contact: Martin Krieg
415-240-4712 [email protected]

What: The 2006 Mayors' Ride for the National Bicycle Greenway

Berkeley City Hall, Tuesday, July 25, 1PM
Oakland City Hall, Tuesday, July 25, 4PM

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates proclaims Tuesday, July 25 National Bicycle
Greenway Day
Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown proclaims Tuesday, July 25 National Bicycle
Greenway Day

To be able to safely and pleasurably ride a bicycle from Boston to San
Francisco is one of the main goals of the National Bicycle Greenway
(NBG). Former bike store owner,
<http://bikeroute.com/ScottCampbell>Scott Campbell (54), who left Boston
Mayor Tom Menino's send off on April 28, will stop here to meet
Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, city officials and local bike and green
advocates. Together they will show how the traffic calming Mayor Bates
pioneered decades ago has made Berkeley an exemplary part the NBG
bikeway that will connect the coasts.

The lead rider for the 5th Annual National Mayors' Ride, Campbell has
already been celebrated by TV, radio, newspapers and crowds, sometimes
numbering in the hundreds, in 26 of the 32 big cities he is visiting as
he calls for a bikeway that will connect these population centers to one
another. As Scott's public ride, where all cyclists are invited, moves
next to Oakland, he will be led by Car Free Berkeley Councillor, Kriss
Wortington and Car Free Oakland architect, Ron Bishop. Also joining them
will be NBG director and "Awake Again" author, Martin Krieg who will be
riding a HiWheel, the kind of bike made in the 19th Century. Also
leading the charge on their HiWheels will be Greg and Adam Barron, who
manufacture these stately machines in nearby Alameda. Another cyclists
who will join in the fun will be Oakland Councillor Nancy Nadel. She
will ride all of them to her City Hall where representatives from the
BART Greenway, Drive for Caldecott Bike Tunnel and Oakland Car Free day
will all say a few words.

As Scott spreads the NBG word, he is also doing advance scouting work
for Krieg who is riding the Mayors' Ride route next summer with his new
book, ³How America Can Bike and Grow Rich². As he writes it, Krieg is
finding many parallels between the Lincoln Highway, and the National
Bicycle Greenway. First billed as an 'Appeal to Patriots', according to
Krieg, "The Lincoln Highway brought the unabated car sprawl that is
choking America today. The NBG sees a bike connection between San
Francisco and Boston as a way to inspire a new kind of war. We will fill
this nation's roads with bikes. And as we do, we will be vanquishing the
new enemies that have resulted from our love affair with the
automobile, the overweight epidemic, wars for oil, and time wasting and
stress inducing traffic jams².

More info <http://www.bikeroute.com/>bikeroute.com

54% of New York City households do not own cars

Martin Krieg "Awake Again" Author
'79 & '86 TransAmerica Bike Rides
2007 w/"How America Can Bike & Grow Rich"
Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor
NBG Founding Director, HiWheel Cyclist

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