NBG Going Ballistic in Des Moines

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This just in from Lorna Davros, Mayor Preston Daniels' scheduler. Too much excitement:

At 10:32 AM -0500 6/6/03, Davros, Lorna L. wrote: Another news Flash! Fox 17, a local TV station is
going to take footage of the ride from Bike World to City Hall. Everything is coming together. Even
the weather is holding out. Josh is bringing an awning type tent in case of rain. Subway Sandwiches
and Gatorade will be served on the front steps of City Hall. Josh has done a great job - I can't
wait to meet him as well! Reporters are beginning to call. Only 96 minutes to lift off!

The Mayor came in this a.m. and said he met with Peter Borgen's mom (Peter is riding in from St
Paul, ed) this morning at another celebration (National Dairy Month). Our own city cable station is
also going to record the ceremony and it will play at various times throughout the year on our cable
channel 7 so we will be able to keep the message in front of our viewers here in DM.

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