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  1. As per the following, Jim Muellner is totally having the best time of his life as he pedals through
    Nebraska. Here is just one of the many newspaper articles that have begun to catch on to what this
    legendary man is doing as his bike ride from Washington DC continues:
    http://www.theindependent.com/stories/061203/gdaily_tricycle.shtml . If you want to see the new web
    we just drew up for Jim, it is noted in the end matter below. Here's Jim for more WOW:

    Good Morning: Life continues to treat me so good I can't wait for morning to get on with it.Thought
    I would share a few little tidbits of what my days have been like.

    I try to wave at every vehicle coming toward me for several reasons. One, just to be friendly, two
    to see if the driver is awake and thirdly I feel that someone who waves at you is less likely to run
    you over. So I wave a lot, especially the big trucks that pass me several times a day.

    In the morning as I am determining how much sun lotion to put on I always check if there is a cloud
    bank to the west. Yesterday there was a rain forecast so I had to cycle over 15 miles to get to the
    western edge of the spectacular cloud formation these storms always seem to bring with them.

    The heat is terrible out here. Why it gets so hot that the dogs stand inside their dog houses to
    bark at you.

    The population in these little towns is half Spanish. Went out for dinner last night and could not
    figure out what to eat. Everything was written in Spanish. This morning as I cycled out of town,
    everything on the west end was all in English. They all seemed friendly and got along.

    The grain silos are getting big along with the plows, tractors and fields. I would imagine the new
    silos could hold 500 truck loads.

    Learned about alfalfa pellets yesterday. They grind up the hay and compress it into 1/4 inch
    diameter slugs about 1/2 inch long and dry them. They are cattle feed. There is minimal spoilage and
    they take up less room.

    The trains full of coal heading east to some power plant vary in quality and noise. The newer ones
    you barely hear, except for the whistle blower. The older ones, especially some old box cars, hammer
    along making enough noise to wake every gopher within 10 miles. No wonder the rails sometimes fail.

    Finally want to tell you a little more about the little flowers. I picked some this morning to
    decorate my trike. The edge appears a delicate pink fading to white at the center. The center pistil
    is bright yellow, with deep purple heads. Very pretty. Even Solomon with all his glory is not
    adorned like one of these.

    This afternoon I started seeing wild roses. They seem to have a soft leaf base and the colors vary
    from white to pink to bright red. They are very simple with only one, two or three blossoms. They
    look great. I could pick all kinds of flowers for someone special if she were riding with me.

    Every small town is special. Tonight I stopped in Hershey, NE and met Bill Hasbrouck and Joe
    Kennicutt, who own Hershey Flying Service, 308-368-5556. They build and rebuild crop dusters. These
    range in cost from $200,000 to $300,000 depending on the features you want. And I thought my cycles
    were expensive.

    They were interested in our program and one of their friends bought me a beer. The bartendress, gave
    me one of their signs. It reads: "We Support our Troops at THE BAR - Hershey's Best Kept Secret".
    They invited me to camp in their yard and also told me of a couple of city parks.

    One last item. When going thru Grand Island I stopped at Tex Cafe, a highly recommended place. While
    there I saw four customers using oxygen, but everyone else was smoking. I am amazed at the number of
    smokers here. Sometimes I just want to walk out, but there is little choice. It has got to be the
    invincible cowboy attitude alive and well here in NE.

    Well I must get that tent up, so good night all. Jim

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