NBG Jim M celebrates Jim Redd's Chicago -- Reser Bros join in

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  1. Here is Jim Muellner's Day 1 from Chicago to Des Moines. He has been joined on this relay leg by the
    Reser brothers, Jeff and Jason who we will soon be hearing from. On the road since May 2 from
    Washington DC., 67 year old Jim, last year's Indy to Chicago relay rider
    <http://www.bikeroute.com/SCNBGFest/ChicRecep.html>, is the inventor of the Smart Carte shopping
    cart system that passengers rent to shuttle their baggage around at airports. He is riding the
    trike, made by his company, Just Two Bikes <http://justtwobikes.com>, that folds to fit in a
    suitcase. Please contact him with your words of encouragement. As you will see from his closing
    words, he is uplifted to know there are people who care about what he is doing as he camps in the
    occasional graveyard and fights off rain, tornado watches and the incessant vehicular traffic. You
    can reach him on his Pocket Mailer at <[email protected]>.

    Hi Everyone: Wow, what a place. I have the privilege of staying with Jim and Marcia Redd. This is
    more than a house, than a home, than a bike shop with bike racks inside, it is a hostel for the
    world's most interesting people. I told Marcia this morning that I felt it a real privilege sharing
    their unique world. Meetings going on, phones ringing, eight to ten people coming and going and
    everything worked. Doors close, windows open, faucets work, dishes don't collect in the sink,
    bathrooms are clean, everyone is friendly, it is quiet and clean, there are two cats and one dog and
    the place looks fabulous. It was like living in a TV show with all kinds of characters with
    different lines that I could just walk around and listen to at will.

    Thursday evening at the Handlebar (Jim's restaurant, ed), while enjoying a Guinness, Jim Redd did a
    poetry reading. Marcia says it must be his true calling as when he speaks his word are distinct and
    accurate. His normal speech is gently muffled through his moustache.

    At their home, I had a private room with colorful paintings of sheep jumping and a cow jumping over
    the moon or maybe it was an elephant. Not to mention the glowing stars on the ceiling when I turned
    the lights out. Where else but on a National Greenway Ride could one have such an experience?

    Jeffery and Jason Reser arrived last night and joined us for a bite at the bar. We still have not
    settled on the route as we did not have our maps with us.

    Hate to mention this, but I have not had a flat since Columbus. However, as I write this, the clouds
    are gathering and it looks like we may have a little rain before the day is out. Hey, what else is
    new. Another opportunity to test more of my rain gear options.

    We met downtown at noon and received the proclamation from the bike coordinator of the city. A nice
    little ceremony and everyone was happy. Jeff put the document into his hermetically sealed capsule
    for safe keeping and delivery to Des Moines.

    We finally got off at about 3PM. We had to do a little bike repair on Jason's carrier.

    Jeff had been planning a route for some time so we agreed to take that and it seems to work. Jeff is
    taking some pictures along the way. After riding for a short distance in the rain, as it was getting
    dark, we decided to motel it.

    That's all folks. Jim

    Later Jim described their evening when he wrote:

    Hi Everyone and especially the Cubical Angel in California:

    Cannot tell you how warm and fuzzy it makes you feel when you know someone cares what you are doing.
    It is difficult when it is raining, the traffic is heavy, it is getting dark and you are alone to
    remember why we are doing this: safe rides for future riders, our children and grandchildren. A
    single word received at the right time is a treasure.

    Jeff reported a storm warning, I heard the sirens and did think about what I would do if the roof
    came off. However at that moment I was secure knowing I was inside rather than in my tent in some
    graveyard or worse sitting under a tree waiting for the rain to pass.

    Thanks to Jason's keen eye we were snug and warm. We had found a great place earlier to fill up with
    food. It was a Polish buffet where even the waitress could not understand us. Jason ordered just
    plain water and after receiving Ice Tea went to straighten things out. His good looks and quiet
    charm saved the day. I never saw so many kinds of sausage. We all left heavier than when we arrived.
    Jason won the dessert award polishing off at least a half dozen or more.

    Day one while starting late went well thanks to Jeff's great planning and ride guidance.


    Local access to PocketMail mobile e-mail now available in Europe, North America & Australia

    If you want to start from the beginning and/or follow Jim, Jeff, Jason and our other NBG relay
    riders as they move forward in the National Mayors' Ride at
    <http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide>, point to their blog at
    <http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/reports.php>. All of this excitement will
    al be consummated at the second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest

    btw: If you want to become a rider, we N E E D you!! Go to
    <http://NationalBicycleGreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/getstarted.php>, to find out how!! btw2: We
    have pictures from the various ride legs on line at
    http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/gallery/2003Mayors btw3: If you want to see who these
    cyclists are, go to <http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/bios>.

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