NBG Mayor's Ride: Lightning takes SLO, Jan Lundberg to Speak and .

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  1. - Lightning Cycle Dynamics http://www.lightningbikes.com, the makers of the Race Across America's
    fastest bike ever, have adopted the San Luis Obispo to Monterey relay link at our National Mayor's
    Ride http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide !! And their chief designer, Tim Brummer, has
    offered to ride all 140 miles of this connection on one of their rocket fast bikes. He tells me
    that since the Int'l Human Powered Vehicle Association is headquartered in SLO, he expects that
    he'll be able to collect a lot of support and other riders for this August ride. WoW!!

    - Also heard from Jan Lundberg last week. In demand as a lecturer all over the world (from Kyoto to
    Sydney and Zurich, etc), he says he will speak at our Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest on August 17!! A
    writer and publisher, Jan ran an organization for the petroleum industry, utilities and government
    called Lundberg Survey Incorporated. It was here that in 1973 he co-founded the Lundberg Letter.
    This much referenced work was at one time referred to as "the bible of the oil industry".

    Fueled, however, by a dramatic change in heart because of the clouded future he saw oil bringing
    about for the planet, in 1988 he founded the Sustainable Energy Institute (former publishers of the
    Auto Free Times) http://CultureChange.org and has vehemently called for a less oil dependent life
    style ever since. A dynamic and very much alive person, Jan will no doubt bring a lot of press and
    excitement to our festival! Yahooo ---- excited!! And too awesome!!

    - Jim Redd, http://www.cyclechicago.org/pocketmail/jimredd.php of the Chicago Critical Mass
    http://chicagocriticalmass.org, one of last year's Mayor's Ride relay riders recently created one
    of the best representations of biking the Pacific Coast I have ever seen:


    It is w/o question one of the best slide shows I have ever seen and no doubt the absolute best &
    fastest I have ever seen on the web. Wow -- if that doesn't make U want to get you out and roll the
    miles. This not to mention the fact that, led by Jody Fitch, he and Steve Almeroth and Don Fong and
    Andrew Morton (yes Andrew Morton!) and Faye Sauders and Joe Richey and others are powering out an
    all new and exciting web for the National Bicycle Greenway.

    - Besides Jim Redd's awesome SF to LA slide show, that has my mail box filled with compliments, here
    is Andrew Morton's ride down to our last year's Santa Cruz NBG Fest

    Portland to Sacramento http://multivac.drewish.com/gallery/slideshow.php?set_albumName=2002_Bik
    e_PDX-SAC Sacramento to Santa Cruz
    http://multivac.drewish.com/gallery/slideshow.php?set_albumName=2002_Bik e_SAC-SC

    There are hundreds of awesome pictures. And not only do they capture the essence of the
    beautiful lands that stood between the seven mayors he visited during the 2002 Mayor's Ride
    http://www.bikeroute.com/NatRelayRide2002.html, but they move quickly and are very inspiring!!
    He even has some great shots of himself with the Pocket Mail t-shirt he wore for all of his
    mayoral visits!

    He and I have been in a lot of dialogue about the truly ingenious web work he is doing for
    NationalBicycleGreenway.com. Andrew is building a way for our on the road cyclists to upload their
    reports directly to the web when they do this year's ride
    http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide !!

    Too exciting!!

    M A R T I N K R I E G : "Awake Again" Author Bent Since '83, Car Free Since '89, Attacking with
    Love                 Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor  '79 & '86 TransAm Vet - Invites
    you to: http://www.BikeRoute.com/SCNBGFest N A T I O N A L B I C Y C L E G R E E N W A Y

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