NBG Mayors' Ride: RAAM Racer Signs On, Columbus Fires up and !!!!

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Cycle America/N

Our NBG National Mayors' Ride is rolling full steam ahead at
<http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide>. Here is what happened last week:

A) Pocket Mail Inc Ready to Renew Sponsorship
B) Jody Fitch putting NationalBicycleGreenway.com at cutting edge
C) Jody Fitch to web our Rider Bios
D) RAAM Rider, Jeff Stephens, takes Pittsburgh to Columbus!!
E) Columbus, OH Starts Mobilizing to Match up to Pittsburgh
F) Relay Riders Needed!
G) Rider(s) need for Columbus to Indy
H) Wicks Jerome ready for Indy to Chicago and Critical Mass
I) Reser Brothers Ramping up for Chicago to Des Moines
J) No Radio WHO but Kitty still wants to help!
K) Des Moines Alerts Area Bike activists
L) Rider(s) needed for Des Moines to Grand Island
M) Grand Island to Boulder Rider(s) Needed
N) Boise puts call out to area cyclists
O) Andrew Heckman might turn his story into a Book!!
P) Two Giants Meet: Andrew Heckman meets Andrew Morton!!
Q) Jeff Reser working on Andrew Heckman logo and fund
R) Lightfoot Cycle May Sponsor Missoula to Boise
S) Local teen center may jump at Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest
T) Bike Friendly Media Contacts wanted
U) Paper Banner ideas you can use for your reeception c/o Jim Redd!
V) Earth Day 4/27 Volunteers wanted
W) Jeff Stephens application F-W) http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/3-17-03.html

X) Because of recent management changes at Pocket Mail, we have had to familiarize some of their new
people with our program. And we just heard from one of their new principals last week that they
are now ready to proceed!! As soon as we work out the details, I'll be sure to let you know!!

Y) Jody Fitch full on knocked our socks off Saturday nite, with a mock up for the National Bicycle
Greenway web site at NationalBicycleGreenway.com (if you go there now, all you'll see is an
outline and not any of our work). Sunday nite was more of the same! Talk about moving this effort
to a whole new level on many innumerable different levels, all I can say is keep your eyes
peeled!! As his representation of our effort moves beyond grass roots to the cutting edge of
professionalism, I don't think I'm talking out of turn when I say that ours will soon set the
standard by which other nonprofit dreams will be judged. WoW WOW!!

Z) And as if giving up a Saturday (as well as a Sunday evening) to drive out what he's been working
on every time he got a free block of time over the last few months is not enough, he just also
offered to web all of the rider applications we have accepted for this year!! Too exciting -- too
much awesomeness. All of Jody's work work full coincides with his email address:
[email protected]!!!!

Z) Just as we knew Pocket Mail couldn't run that easily from all the excitement we are creating, a
relay rider sign up we received late last week, is already taking the fire we are burning in
cities across the US to an even higher more powerful level!! Jeff Stephens, who earned an
honorable Mention in the 2001 RAAM (Race Across America) that ran from Portland, OR to Gulf
Breeze, FL,.a distance of 2,983 miles, announced that he will ride the Pittsburgh to Columbus
link started in less than two months from now! Not only does he plan to bike this 186 mile
connection but he is going to do it twice!! Or in other words, he is going to ride from Columbus
to pick up the proclamation in Pittsburgh and then ride back to Columbus!! Probably take him all
of two days!!

Used to riding epic distances, this is no more than a hiccup to him. So much so that he's even
talking about expanding his route to include Akron and Canton where he has a strong network of
friends who might be able to get those cities interested in our ride! A business development
director for the Columbus American Lung Assn, he is looking to expand his role as an already well
know bike advocate in Columbus. Jeff has already pow wowed with John Gideon, president of the
Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition, who says he'll have the troops out for our event!

Here is the bio one of his sponsors, Paceline Products still has on line for Jeff
>. Do also take a look at the application he sent in to us and see if
this man isn't a full on barn burner (it's at the end!)!!

Z) The Coordinator for Mayor Michael Coleman's Action Center, Mary T. Funk, was the first to respond
to Jeff's sign up. She requested that I get Jeff in touch with her office so they can start
working out the details for his reception!! Right behind her was Lelia Cady, the aide for
Columbus city council member Maryellen O'Shaughnessy. She wanted to make sure we knew that
Marryellen, an avid cyclist and a part of last year's event, had every intention of being there
as well!! Dan Trevas, the Columbus communications director tuned in to express his excitement for
what we can create. And then Rosemarie Rosetti http://www.rosemariespeaks.com signed in! Those of
you who followed us last year will remember Rosemarie as the beautifully gifted and much
celebrated motivational public speaker who regularly affirms the gift that life is. Rosemarie was
riding a bike when a tree crashed down on her leaving her paralyzed and bound now to a
wheelchair. Rosemarie will be at our reception too!! And this was all within a few hours on
Friday morning!! Whoaa, all I can say is lookout Pittsburgh.......

Z) If you are interested in riding any of the links at http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide
the more the merrier. You should be in excellent health, self-reliant, and have some previous
bicycle touring experience. If what we are saying at our FAQ

The Mayors' Ride is a fully self supported ride made by a relay rider(s) (at least one and never
more than 10) who determines his own routing, as well as provides for his own lodging needs whether
the choice be hotels or camping. Departure dates are suggested as well as flexible. Arrival dates
are firm as per the schedule.

We suggest that you use the email addresses found at the schedule for the link you are interested in
to determine how you might like to work together in all of this!

resonates for you, please take the time to fill out the application at

Z) Now that DC to Pittsburgh and on to Columbus are all looking strong, we have got to see ahead to
Indianapolis where Mike McDowell and his extra fun group of cyclists from Valley Bikes
http://www.ValleyBikes.com plan to make for a hero's welcome at the City Hall there. So if you
want to ride the 178 miles that Chris Detwiler, of Bicycle One http://bicycleone.com rode for us
last year, please do apply at http://www.bikeroute.com/RiderQuestionnaire.html . The Indianapolis
arrival date is May 23 and we can even hold the Columbus document for you for a few days if you
want to start a few days later.

Z) Jerome Hediger http://www.PocketMail.com/?loc=us&sec=community&pg=hediger the man of iron who
biked last year for us in Andrew Heckman's honor from Des Moines to mayor's receptions in Omaha
and Boulder is ready to roll again. This year he'll be riding another one of his Wicks Aircrraft
http://www.wicksaircraft.com bikes 181 miles from Indianapolis to Chicago. Last year his
company's Hed Turner, a short wheel base rocket ship, performed effortlessly. This year we'll
have to wait and see what he gets out for the far shorter distance he'll be biking this year.

Z) The Reser brothers are ready. Jeff Reser who is riding from Chicago to Des Moines, was the first
person to sign on for this year's ride. And I'll tell you, the only thing holding this guy back
is the calendar. I don't even think the snow he's currently buried in would stop him if he saw
that an NBG Mayor's reception was waiting for him. His excitement for what we will soon be doing
is so contagious that he even enrolled his brother Jason, a bike shop owner in Kentucky, to join
him come May 30.

Here is what he wrote to us last week:
Here we are in March and I wanted to let you know that while we have not seen the last of snow in
northern Kentucky, we did survive and are still up for the NBG Chicago to Des Moines leg! (Really,
the snow here is not much more than a mere dusting by most standards.) We did get a good freezing
rain last week, which put a quarter inch of ice on everything and provided me with an opportunity to
slightly twist my right knee. Not to worry, I've been back on the windtrainer and it seems to be
working fine at present (the knee).

I'm working on the Andrew Heckman Fund graphic that I promised. It is coming along well, with
Andrews input, and I will have something to review with you guys soon.

Jason and I (among others) are beginning a new set of plans for mountain bike trails in yet another
local park. This is really exciting too because this park is endless compared to what we had to work
with in Ft. Thomas, Ky! The possibilities . . . !!!

Busy, busy! Glad to read about all the advancements and contributions for the NBG relay. Keep the
energy going, everyone!

Jeffrey Reser

Z) Talked with Kitty Metzger last week and found out that she couldn't sell her radio station on our
event for this year. They have too many bike events that they are already committed to but maybe
next. Despite the fact that Kitty was disappointed, she still wants to help us! A popular
fireball of energy out in Des Moines, she says she'll be there when the brothers Reser roll in.
On her bike. With her bike friends!! In addition, she gave me a bunch of leads for other bike
businesses in her city that may want to support our effort there!!

Z) Spoke with Lorna Davros, Des Moines mayor Preston Daniels scheduler, last week. And not only has
her mayor been alerted but she told me that an advisory went out last week to all the bike
organizations in her area. It told them about our event, that the Mayor's Office was involved and
asked them to step forward if they as well wanted to have a presence. WoW. And when Lorna talks,
people listen!! I know I am always amazed at the power in her words!

Z) Once the riders Reeser work their magic in Des Moines we have then got to get our effort off to
Grand Island and Wayne's Cyclery http://www.waynecyclery.com 284 miles away. And don't think that
because this link lacks mountain vistas and thick forested lands that it is boring. On my own
first ride across America, I fell in love with Nebraska. Why? For one there was water. Lots of
it. Almost every tiny town along the way had its own swimming pool. And as such, I was often able
to get a shower, a water bottle refill and a camping spot.

I also liked being a novelty for the people of this part of the Midwest. Since not many long haul
cyclists tour these lands, I was often a celebrated newcomer to town where dinner invitations and
offers of things cool to drink were not uncommon. This not to mention the fact that John Wayne, the
owner of Wayne's Cyclery, tells me that they added a shoulder the entire length of Hwy 30 as well as
resurfaced it! Apply at http://www.bikeroute.com/RiderQuestionnaire.html

Z) We are going to need a rider or riders to enjoy more of the same from Grand Island a lot of the
way to Longmont, CO, 450 miles away, where Buzz Feldman, of High Gear Cyclery, is planning a
celebration before you then help hi lead lead a group to Boulder and the fun that Marni Ratzel,
the Boulder bike coordinator, is planning for her city. Apply at

Z) Caught up with Lynn Shrum, Boise Mayor Brent Cole's scheduler last week as well. And she and I
always have fun when we talk. I get to ask her about her city and the towns that surround it.

Boise is where a truck collision changed the course of my life. It was from there that my career as
accountant changed to a decade of rehabilitation. Despite the fact that I was physically able to
ride a bike from California into the doors of the hospital that had shipped me off for dead two
years later, I still had many years of work ahead of
Za. As I rebuilt my mind and lost dexterity, Boise was a a big part of my thinking. Even to this
day, I still think about the epic Stanley Basin, a mountain top prairie bordered on all sides by
forests. And the hand crank water spigot I discovered up there the memory of which still
refreshes me. Or Galena Summit or Sun Valley or Craters of the Moon or the Arco sprinkler
disaster, all fun memories I talk about in my book "Awake Again"
http://www.bikeroute.com/AwakeAgain which I sent to Lynn.

And we need a rider, hint hint to bike this from Salt Lake!! Apply at

Z) While we're on the subject of books, I caught up with Andrew Heckman last week. And toward the
end of helping him have more good days than bad, I suggested that he write a book about his
horrific wreck and astonishing recovery. He had given it some thought before we spoke but told me
that the up and down roller coaster of his physical pain, the insurance case and trying to
resurrect his business http://bellwethercomm.net in a down economy, and etc, has left him with
little energy to do more than walk (on a cane) a few blocks to the coffee shop to recharge his

Still in good spirits and incredibly articulate, Andrew has a story that needs to be told! I told
him that writing "Awake Again" was an important part of my own therapy and that it redirected my
thinking from the shambles my life had become to the ways I could use my recovery to make it a bit
easier for the next guy. And I know we need to know what this beautiful man knows. And I know his
power wife, Lisa, will help him in any way she can. I can't wait for his first book signing and the
inspirational lectures that I know await!!

Z) Andrew Heckman met NBG celebrity Andrew Morton up in Portland a few weeks ago and her is what AH
has to say at his personal site <http://www.patfuel.com>:

The flag at left was given to me by my friend Andrew Morton. After I got run over while riding as
part of the National Bicycle Greenway cross-country relay last June, Mr. Morton was inspired to
undertake the last, epic leg of the relay from Portland to Santa Cruz, CA, during the worst of last
summer's heat. We had lunch a couple of weeks ago, and he presented me with this flag, which was one
of the dozens he saw scattered on the roadside as he cycled. That's right. All the "patriotic"
Americans attach these to their resource-consuming, planet-killing, terrorist-bankrolling vehicles
and drive around. Of course, the flags fall off at some point, and they end up soiled and tattered
beside the road all across this great land of ours. Ironic, ain't it?

As Mr. Morton noted, "After a while, it really started to get to me." Well, thanks, Andrew for
working hard in a peaceful, meaningful way to make the world a better place.

Z) Jeff Reser is working to build he and his brother's Chicago to Des Moines relay link into a fund
raiser for Andrew Heckman. A graphic designer, he has been in touch with Andrew about the image
he is working on to represent this benefit. Almost complete, this is work I can't wait to see!!

Z) During my phone travels last week I caught up with Rod Miner of Lightfoot Cycles
<http://www.lightfootcycles.com>. A brilliant engineer who builds performance into bikes that do
work, Rod really wants to see his corner of Montana brought closer to our Mayor's Ride. And
toward this end it helps that he and Bob Giordano of Free Cycles in nearby Missoula are already
familiar with one another's work. In case you don't remember, here is what I said about Bob last
week http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/3-10-03.html#Anchor-35326

Z) Talked to Chris Wright last week. He runs a teen center up the San Lorenzo Valley, about ten
miles from the NBG office, that has bicycle ramps that it opens up for its young adults during
the weekdays. With the assistance of other locals who have had experience with bicycle stunt
riding, including Chris, many of the kids that participate in this activity at the Youth
First/SLV Teen Center in Felton are becoming quite good at such two wheel trickery. So good, in
fact, that Barry Michel, of the local Bicycle Trip bike shop has invited them to perform at
their annual expo. What's more is that Jim is interested in getting a team together for our
event. He is going to send me a CD so I can see what we can maybe expect from them. I'll keep
you advised on this!!

Z) If you know of any bike friendly media persons in TV, Radio or Print in any of the Mayoral Cities
that are cited at our schedule <http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide>, please reply
accordingly to [email protected]! And this request is directed to especially to those of you in
any of the city governments along the way. As well, if you are a cyclist with a friend or
relative that serves in this capacity in any of these areas please do let us know!!

Z) If you're looking for a way to jazz up your welcome for our riders, here is what Jim Redd does
for the Chicago Critical Mass rides http://www.chicagocriticalmass.org that regularly attract
many thousands of cyclists:


3' x 8' in size, he has them made in paper by his local Kinkos. If you want to get the specific
process contact Jim at [email protected]

Z) We have signed up for Earth Day 4/27! And Faye Saunders has agreed to administer the booth. Here
are the thoughts I offered to her and a group of other local bike activists. I said, that it
would be great if we could have:

1) A youth oriented activity for our booth such as coloring book pages
2) A bicycle rollers demonstration. Anyone with experience riding them (I used to live on them) or
with access to a set or two? If U don't know what rollers are:
3) A bike powered juice machine (kids could make juice, then drink it!) and/or a tv-vcr, with a
video showing on some bike oriented clip (bike to school/work day? another bike video --
ideas??). Talk to Woody as he has the juice bike <[email protected]>. Anyone know of
anyone with a working stationary TV bike?
4) Bike parts for a possible raffle. Of which the prize would be to assemble a bike w/ bike church
people, which the winner could then take home. This would either be small scale (one bike) or
larger, (5-10 bikes) depending on parts availability.

Who else wants to help?? Marielle Stoelinga has already offered her services. We need a few
mechanics as well as a few others to really do this right! This, of course, will be trial balloon
for our Aug 17 Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest!! Reply to [email protected] !

W) Here is an example of what Jody Fotch will soon have on line in the form of a killer web page.
Here is the amazing Jeff Stephens"

Which Relay link do you want to ride? Prefer Pitts to Columbus...but Columbus to Indianapolis ok

How you found us E-mail list...watched the activities last year.

Why you want to do this ride Help bring publicity to the newly formed Central Ohio Bicycling
Advocacy Coalition. Columbus is at a turning point. We have a bicycle-friendly administration...and
are currently building a new Transportation & Pedestrian Commission here. Our community is steeped
in cycling history (TOSRV)...however...the rapid growth of our city has created the urban sprawl
that is so unfriendly to cyclists. I've been in this community for only 4 years...but, have gained a
great passion for advocating for cyclists...because there's still a possibility of winning the
battle here (unlike Detroit from whence I came!)

PLus....humbly....I've become an "infuential" in our cycling community. I can get the
press....and...I can get a sizable group to ride...or, come out to the festivities here in Columbus.

There was nice publicity last year for the ride through Columbus...but, we can make it much
BIGGER....and use it to bring OUR cycling community together to spark the passion for
cycling advocacy.

Your touring experience 15 years. Tons. TransAmerica Tour in '88...and the Race Across AMerica in
2001. (Although...that was far from a "tour!") 

Tell us about your bike Which one? ;-) Bianchis.... enough of them to make my wife say I can never
have another ;-)

Describe your training regimen I think my RAAM experience says enough. I could ride 200 miles before
the sun sets. (or before the sun rises...take your pick)

How many miles do your ride a year 10,000 - 15,000

Are you car free or Interested I try to commute to work by bike several days a week. I've made a lot
of friends in the "commuter" niche....they're my heros!

How are you making time for this Will just take a few days off work. It's actually congruent with my
work for the American Lung Association.

How many miles do you plan to ride in 2003 10,000...if the snow ever melts!

What are your fears about doing this ride None. I live for this stuff. (Now...ask me about fear
before starting RAAM...and I'll be much more respectful!)

Do you have any special skills I can gather publicity & participation from our cycling community.

Do you have any helpful friends for us I'm sure I could find plenty. I'm an Officer of the ULtra
Marathon Cycling Assn...so, know many cyclists across the country.

Affiliated bike club eMails I'm a member of UMCA nationally..then, locally/regionally....Columbus
Outdoor Pursuits (3,000+ members), Westerville Bike Club (local 300 member club), Ann Arbor Bicycle
Touring Society (from living in Detroit), and a member of the TriTech Multisports Racing Team.
(regional bike shop)

What other activities do you do I can talk a lot. :) But.... I love nothing more than being on my
bike. And.....despite my social nature...I rather love riding all day by myself too!

Your age 41 in human years. 14 in enthusiasm years!

You occupation Executive fundraiser for the American Lung Association of Ohio.

Address, phone (home) 202 Sisnbury Dr. N. Worthington, OH 43085 daytime/work phone - 614-279-1700

Jeff Stephens Director of Development American Lung Association of Ohio 1950 Arlingate Lane
Columbus, OH 43228
(614) 279-1700 [email protected]

I walk among G-I-A-N-T-S!!

I feel so blessed!!

THX 4 all of U!!

M A R T I N K R I E G : "Awake Again" Author Bent Since '83, Car Free Since '89, Attacking with
Love Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor '79 & '86 TransAm Vet - Invites you to:
http://www.BikeRoute.com/SCNBGFest N A T I O N A L B I C Y C L E G R E E N W A Y
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