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*105 Days to Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Festival

Our ride site: http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide

For details: These topics (and past issues) are at: http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews .
A) Ride from DC & Pocket Mail reports begin!!
A1) Win a Bent -- Make the NBG Fest real!! (needs copy)
B) Jim Redd pumps out awesome NBG Fest page!!
C) Jody Fitch webs Jim Redd's edge cutting banner
D) Jeff Reser pumps out awesome Mayors ride image
E) Should Martin Krieg join Parky in SF Bay Area Mayors' Ride?
F) Deux Groz Nez Tim to show us Reno has a bicycle there there!
G) Pittsburgh Reception: The Big Power Ro Fischer has in store for us on 5/9
H) Faye Saunders get us Sacto to Napa Rider DeWayne Quinn
I) Bio of a RAAM racer
J) Photographers Needed for Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest
K) Asked Santa Cruz Parks to let us advertise on nearby bridges
L) Fest FAQ revised
M) Prince Lawsha may perform in the US again -- at our Festival
N) Cutting edge Wind Wheeler "bike" to be at Fest
O) Connection Magazine likely to feature us in center spread
P) Matt Weaver (TV Steered Streamliners) to be at Festival again!
Q) Bike Church Needs Saturday Volunteer

R) Here is Day 1 from Denise Hill, Jim Muellner and OraSue Mckinnon, who are on the road from
Washington DC to Pittsburgh!! If you want to contact them, you can reach them on their Pocket
Mailer at this address <dc-pgh @ pocketmail.com>. If you want to start from the beginning and/or
follow them as they move forward in the National Mayors' Ride at
<http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide>, TransAm Vet and last year's Mayors' Ride relay
rider powerhouse, Andrew Morton, has their reports (as well as all the relay cyclists who will
follow) blogged. Point to their web site at
<http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/reports.php> Soon also Jody Fitch will
have webbed the bios we have for all our riders so you can get a better look at who these fun
people are. Wow, this is going to be fun:


welcome to the first issue of the 2003 NBG Mayor's Ride Daily Update.

May 2: Leesburg, VA (the FRIENDLIEST town in America).

our first day out on the trail brings us gorgeous weather. the starting point, the DC Bike to Work
Week festival, had several hundred folks and their trusty bikes out celebrating our superior form of
transportation. Jim even won us a tire pump (woohoo!). around 9:30am we ceremonially dipped our
front tires in the Potomac River, and we were off.

the C&O Canal towpath was a nice shady trail all day long, and we averaged a chill 9 mph for a total
displacement of 40 some miles, including the ferry ride and the distance into town.

fortunately we found the Fife and Drum Corps Muster, which is having its bi-annual
camp-out/competition, so we're camping for free and hanging out among their tents, RVs, families,
dogs, and drums.

the numbers:

meter maids who cheered for us as we left downtown: 1 fuzzy yellow baby geese on trail: billions
surly mom and dad geese: plenty turtles on logs in the canal: lots Clif bars consumed (net total): 4
deer, turkey vultures, owls: 1 each blue herons: 2 trail mud eaten: yes creative detours: 1 water:
iodine-liciois people who believe Jim the first time when he says he's riding to California: 0

so far so good, so good so far.

Denise and Ora Sue

Here is Day One from Jim Muellner of Just Two Bikes <http://justtwobikes.com>. Jim is riding the
folding trike his company makes that fits in a suitcase. Before Jody gets our rider bios up, 67 year
old Jim, last year's Indy to Chicago relay rider, can be seen (a picture of Jim) at our National
Mayors' Ride schedule at <http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide>. If you want to contact Jim,
send us an E at NBG @ bikeroute.com . And here is what this fun man, the inventor of the Smart Carte
shopping cart system that passengers rent to shuttle their baggage around at airports, had to say:


Hi Everyone, well we are on our way. Met with the Mayor Anthony Williams of DC, a wonderful pro
biker and about 500 or more riders who were at the presentation for the Bike to Work day. Wonderful
program. City is filled with nice trails reaching to numerous areas. I did three 50 mile rides to
different areas here in preparation.

We left Freedom Plaza about 10 AM and rode to the beginning of the Chesapeake and Ohio Tow trail
that goes all the way to Cumberland. It is not paved so it has some challenges. But the beauty of
the ride along the Potomac River far out shadows any negatives. We have seen hawks, owls, large grey
egrets, deer, turkey vultures, rapids and rock formations that are awesome. Lots of hikers and bird
watchers, fishermen and birds. The large turtles in the canal are interesting.

The flowers are breath taking and at times petals covered the trail. Blue bells and dog wood trees
in bloom reflecting in the canal double their beauty if that is possible.

Last night we biked an into Leesburg, VA for a delicious pasta and two beers. Set up at a local camp
site and tested my equipment. Slept well.

My fellow bikers are Dennis Hill, a woman from Pittsburgh and OraSue McKinnon from Marlton, New
Jersey. Both are strong bikers and I need to pedal my legs off to keep up. Thankfully the weather
has been cooperating and we keep applying sun lotion.


R1) As per <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-7--03.html#Anchor-49575> and
<http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/3-03-03.html#Anchor-47857>, for as little as 5 bux and
from the comfort of your desk, you can win either the S&B Malibu or the Backsafer recumbent
bicycles if you go to:


The reason this is important is that since we don't charge admission and the booth fees we collect
barely pay just the insurance fee that is required of us, this is how we pay for the event. There is
the expense for the park and all the associated permits, not to mention the cost of the sound
system, the stage, security, the porta-potties, volunteer food and drink, the special bike parking
area, signage, the children's play area, and etc, etc. Last year our raffle, put a pretty good dent
in all of this, but we still find ourselves in significant debt. Since we now have the raffle on
line, maybe you can help us throw a bigger amount at the monthly payments I am personally making
right now. With a bank card or a credit card -- ** FOR AS LITTLE AS 5 BUX!! **

A humble note of THX in advance for considering this!

S) Before he left for Ecuador, Jim Redd fully knocked our socks off with this new rendition of our
festival page: <http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Festival> It screams and already
new vendors and new entertainers want to get on it, but we'll have to wait until he gets back.
May 10. I'm already counting the days!!

T) Before Jim Redd blew our mind with his Festival page above this week, if your remember last week
he did so with a banner image as per this discussion
<http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-28-03.html#Anchor-44867>. Well, not to be out done,
Jody Fitch went over the top by turning Jim's beautiful eye catching work into a web page. And
once he is all done, here is how our new web pages will begin:
<http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/mockups/var5.htm> I mean I was floored considering the
fact hat this new look requires pretty much trashing everything Jody has slaved so long and hard
to create. And talk about dotting i's and crossing t's, there is a ton of detail work there. Wow

U) Jeff Reser, the same graphic artist who a few weeks ago pumped out Andrew Morton's fund raiser
icon as per what we talked about at
<http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-21-03.html#Anchor-Tired-47857>, blessed us with more of
his powerful art on Friday. If you go to our schedule at
<http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide>, you will see the all new Mayors' Ride image he
created!! Already Jody Fitch is scrambling to work it in to our new web at
NationalBicycleGreenway.com and wow, woooohoo , yahooo, my mind is blown. Soon, we'll be seeing a
lot of Jeff and his bike shop owner brother, Jason, as they ride from Chicago to Des Moines --
too exciting!!

V) Does it make sense for me to be a part of the Mayors Ride as it comes thru the SF Bay Area a mere
hundred miles away in Berkeley at its farthest most point? I mean this could be huge from a media
standpoint. What purveyor of news could resist a story about a Parkinson's survivor, Parky
Wetherell <http://www.inevergiveup.org>, and a head injury survivor author, myself, coming thru
town on adult three wheelers to stump for safe bikeways across America? Hmmm, Jim Redd and Jody
Fitch and Andrew Morton are making it possible for NationalBicycleGreenway.com to require less of
my involvement. But how much less we won't know until we get further into the Mayors' Ride. I
mean I've got the lap top that Rhoades Car <http://rhoadescar> helped me to buy, there's my
Pocket Mailer and cell phone. Even with all those tools, however, I will still need a strong
support system for my on the road needs (battery & cell recharges and basic hygiene and laundry
and lodging, etc) as well as back here on the home front with all the last minute details of
hosting a national festival. More hmmmm...........

W) Reno came on last week as an official new stop for our soon upcoming ride! As per our discussion
a few weeks ago at <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-21-03.html#Anchor-Tim-23522,>T im
Healion of the Deux Gros Nez, got Leon Zasady, the local bike activist owner at Sierra Cycle
Smith to come on with him and and Tim may even get other restaurants and bike shops to join in to
show that Reno has a two wheel there there.

What's noteworthy about this is that it adds a whole new branch to our ride. It brings about two
send offs from Salt Lake City . Perhaps when we send riders to Boise on July 2, we can, at least in
ceremony, send the others to Reno on the same day. We are scheduling Reno for Monday
7/28 so our riders can then meet our Chico riders coming into Sacramento on Wed 7/30. Yahooo!!

G) This was in my mailbox last week from Ro Fischer, Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy's senior aide:

Good morning!   This message is to inform all concerned parties about the team of riders who will be
coming to Pittsburgh from Washington,
G.A. on May 9th and continuing on to Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of the ride is to make all major 
cities aware of the necessity of safe trails and interconnecting roads for cyclists, runners
and skaters. Pittsburgh has been highlighted across the Nation for this movement since Mayor
Murphy has taken a lead in trail development and also sits on the National Rails-To-Trails
Board.    This is the second year that the National Bicycle Greenway has chosen Pittsburgh as
one of the cities on its route. Last year, there were ten cities. This year there will be 25
cities (and Mayors) who will participate. 

. Here is the schedule for the riders:

10:30 - 11:30 AM   Meet at the Eliza Furnace Trail,  Greenfield Trailhead - Just off Second Ave (If
you are unfamiliar with the area please feel free to call us for specific directions:
412-255-0564).  Expected number of riders: (30-40) Note: The Mayor's daughter, Shannon Murphy,
will represent her father on the ride and a member of the Mayor's Staff will ride into town with
the group. We are hopeful that members of the Freddie Fu Bike Team will join our riders once
again this year.   There is a possibility that we will have some of our Senior Citizens from the
Citiparks Senior Program  also join the ride.

11:30 - 12:10 PM  Ride as a group along Eliza Furnace Trail, to the PNC trail head (3 miles)
very easy pace

12:10 PM  Arrive at trailhead near PNC on Grant Street, wait for the Police escort through town.
Officers will clear traffic and ride with you right into Market Square.

13:30 PM Ride into Market Square. There will be a band playing and a short welcoming program
(sponsored by the Western PA Field Institute) and Mayoral Proclamation presentation by Robert
Kennedy, Director of Operations and Public Safety. The relay riders will then have lunch and set
off for Columbus, OH.

(Just a note to let you all know that the "problem" of the bike police on May 9th escorting the bike
riders to Market Square has been settled. Per Commander Brackney, the problem was with the
motorcycle policeman. All motorcycles are assigned to the Benedum that morning. Per Officer
Pritchard and Commander Brackney, Linda Gigliotti will assign as many Bike Police as she feels will
be needed. Thanks to everyone for this help) 

Tell me we don't have a major force working for us back in Pittsburgh!! WOW!!

H) Faye Saunders, an Apple employee and NBG superstar who interfaces a lot with their Sacramento
office challenged one of that office's bike riding employees to ride from there to Napa for us.
Well not only did DeWayne Quinn accept the dare but he's getting into it as per this note that he
passed along to the network we have already built up that way:


My immediate priority -- in short -- is to:

Get through all of the emails and determine who needs to be responded to. Try to clarify what the
expectations will be -- as lead rider -- and develop a plan of attack that accounts for successful
completion of those responsibilities. Begin to execute against that plan -- as it takes up to and
through the actual ride.

I hope to generate some excitement and participation on this end so as to ensure more of a community
feel -- more so than an individual one.

Again, I am excited about the opportunity and look forward to the ride. While -- as I mentioned --
it is a lot to take in, I will be sure to work through the appropriate people to ensure all moves
along as planned.

Yahoooo and I hope you agree that his guy sounds like he's all about Can Do! Faye sure knows how to
pick 'em. THX Faye!!

I) Mike Costarell, who recently signed on to join the ever dynamic Denise Hill in her ride from
Pittsburgh to Columbus (she had been rallying her team of five or six others who left with her on
Friday as she first rides from DC to Pittsburgh) started this informal introduction bio on Monday
of last week. And when he did he asked our other relay cyclists to share about themselves. And
what has come in has been fascinating. And maybe if he gets time, Jody Fitch can, among so many
many other things he is doing for our web, work these supplemental rider histories in to the
profiles he is already planning to get on line for those who have signed on to join us......

If you've ever wondered what kind of person a RAAM racer is, a TransAM cyclist who can push his body
and his mind to the absolute brink of exhaustion while deprived of sleep and the many creature
comforts we take for granted, Jeff Stephens is offering us an inside look. Jeff is riding from (the
general area of) Pittsburgh to Columbus in the 2nd Annual National Mayors Ride
<http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide>. WoW & THX Jeff:


I'm a bubba. But...the kind of bubba that is looked favorably on in the South...the bubba that means
"brother". The kind of bubba that is a prefix, a salutation...like Bubba Jeff. (southern translation
= "Brother Jeff")

I'm originally from Richmond, Va. I was not a cyclist, per se...but, rather used the bicycle as a
form of transportation....delivering paper routes as a kid, riding to/from school/college, etc.
Somehow..I got the notion it'd be fun to cycle across the country. The dream flickered for many
years...until my senior year in college...the opportunity arose...and I took it. I joined up with
300 other bikers in the American Lung Association's TransAmerica Trek in '88. It was my first
"organized ride!" I had never ridden more than 20 miles at a time. I bought my first cycling shorts
one week before the trip. As they say...the rest is history.

That trip changed my life. I met friends I still have today. One of the riders was the CEO of the
Lung Assn. in Indiana. I moved to Indiana to go to work for the Lung Association. I still work with
him in at the Lung Assn. in Ohio. I decided I would use any free time I had to travel by bike.
Recognizing I can go anywhere I want by bike...I've stayed true to my "vacation by bike"
mantra...and have ridden in 43 states.

10 years of playing rugby during college years knocked a few screws loose in my head. I have always
needed competition...and with my newfound exposure to cycling...somehow got talked into a double
century. I discovered that my lack of brains (see above) and my big heart...were a perfect
combination for ultra-endurance cycling. This niche of cycling brought me a new awareness. I found
that I enjoyed competing with myself.....setting goals and getting joy out of reaching them.

So...I started doing longer & longer rides. What a great way to keep out of trouble! And...I met
such wonderful people. I met my wife Julie at a 24hr. ride...and have been blessed with the greatest
cycling companion ever since. We walked through a tunnel of wheels at our wedding....had tire boots
on the table as gifts for our friends, even a snack table with banannas and Gatorade at the

With Julie's support...and that of huge communities of cyclists in Ohio & surrounding states....I
raced & finished the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) in 2001. I have even fewer brain cells as a result.
I am the largest body-mass cyclist to have finished RAAM in it's 20 year history. My life seems to
be about continually trying to challenge the "you can't do that because...."

Despite the implied intensity.....remember...I'm a bubba.... easy-going, fun-loving, talk your ear
off, everyone else is my hero kinda guy.

We welcomed our first daughter, Paige Virginia, in January. Obviously, I can't go cycle all
day.....so, I'm re-discovering the roots of my cycling this season. I'm enjoying my commutes to
work....and cycling for cycling's sake. I've stepped up my involvement with local advocacy
activities...and have enjoyed the challenge.

I'll likely ride from Columbus to somewhere in Eastern Ohio to meet you. I'm not sure what my
logistics (wife, daughter & wonder-dog) will allow..but...am planning on riding during Wed. or Thurs
night to come find you. I'm hoping I can find you pre-dawn on Thurs so I can ride 2 days with you.
(I'll also be riding over to Indiana with the next leg) We'll have to coordinate a cell-phone
contact...or something.

I'm looking forward to meeting you...and am drawing inspiration from your collective
efforts so far! 

"Bubba" Jeff Stephens

As cyclists, we are a part of such a loving family!!


J) If you like to take pictures and have a digital camera, we need as many of you as we can get to
document our 2nd annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest. Last year, the job was too big for any one
person and despite the great photos we got from Faye Saunders and Claire Machado and a few random
others, we still missed performers and other happenings that needed to be photographed. If you
can help: NBG @ bikeroute.com

K) On Saturday, I sent this letter to Santa Cruz Parks:


Hi Carol!!

As we spoke on ** Saturday** (wow, you guys do work hard!) can U look into our being able to run a
a simple paper (canvas if need be) banner (extra points for balloons) from the pedestrian bridge
that separates SLZ Park from downtown? Also as we spoke, the fact that this cannot be done by
anyone makes San Lorenzo Park far less desirable for organizations that want to hold events there.
Often times, events that take place there go unnoticed by even the local citizenry. This as our
downtown, only two blocks away from the park, is filled with people doing little more than watching
other people.

Consider also the fact that I heard from innumerable friends and interested others that they
forgot the date of our event and even drove right by the park not once but a few times in some
cases. This made me so mad that I tried to stage this year's event on a downtown street. And as
you likely know, I got shut out every way I turned. Leaving my anonymous little hole by the river
as my only option :(

Much has changed since the no signs on bridges law likely went into effect. The park is so covered
with trees and other vegetation any more that many do not even know there is a park there (could
this be what helped to kill the once successful Spring Fair?) In fact, last year I had riders come
in from out of the area who had a difficult time finding the park, this after making it to the
general area. When I tell people, new to the area that SLZ Park is next to 5-story county building
(that used to be such an eyesore on our skyline), they cannot recall seeing such a landmark.

Carol, as I'm sure you know, just a little (one day) signage could turn San Lorenzo Park into a real
money maker for the city. A facility that would encourage a lot of other local groups to hold their
events there!

THX so very much for offering to look into this for me!!

U R the b e s t !!

btw: If there is a good reason for not allowing signs on bridges, how about a simple marquis, like
at the Civic? Maybe a sign at the Water Street bridge entrance to the park and /or at Soquel and
Dakota somewhere? This is just too beautiful of a park not to be merchandised properly!!

L) If have questions about our Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest, it's been revised. If you want to know:
- What is NBG and what have you been doing since 1989?
- Why expend energy on a Festival, when you you're trying to build a Greenway?
- Where is San Lorenzo Park?
- What is PocketMail and what kind of special offer is there for NBG cyclists?
- How do I link the Festival to my web page?
- Who has already linked the Festival at their site?
- Is there some way I can find riders to join me? Is there a bulletin board?
- Where can I find lodging?
- Do you have a suggested bike route from the SF Bay Area? From Monterey?
- If I come in on a bike (much encouraged), will there be a secure area for my bike? My gear?
- If I'm biking cross country, do you have any How To information?
- How can someone help with the Fest? The answers are all at:

M) Prince Lawsha (http://princelawsha.com) told me today that if he can get some cats together, the
area's best musicians consider it an honor to play with the Prince, that he might perform at our
second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest <http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Festival>.
Prince does not play in the US because no one can afford to pay him what he gets in Europe and
Japan. Here is what we said about Prince's show at last year's event at


From the stage itself, after my general announcements, Ruby Rudman, of the Robin Anderson Big Band
enchanted the crowd with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. Then it was Prince Lawsha
when almost as suddenly the park had all the makings of a high fidelity concert hall worthy of a
live recording. Prince, who left as soon as he was finished for a music tour of the south region of
France commanded the immediate attention of all those present. It took just a few notes from his
band, made up of much in demand musical artists who feel it an honor to get to play with the Prince,
for their music to tell the audience that something special was about to occur; that all the
performances ahead would all be paid stadium seating quality. People kept asking me why they'd never
heard of these guys before. The answer: The only time the Prince has played in the US over the last
couple of decades has been for the NBG; his last US performance was at our 2000 Lighthouse send off
. This is so because, as he says, 'the US cannot afford him' and yet he is a strong believer in the
NBG vision.

N) Steve Travis, a local inventor and visionary, just reserved booth space for his amazing Wind
Wheeler. Weighing in at 200 pounds, with two 10 foot wheels that the riders (2) sit between, he
claims that the "bike" will go 60 mph. Not unrealistic when you consider that the wheels serve as
giant wind blades that suck in the outside air to redirect it into wind that moves the bike
forward. This added to the solar panels on the cockpit and the actual pedaling itself and you
have one go fast machine. Here is picture of this awesome innovation
<http://www.BikeRoute.com/BentImagesFolder/WindWheeler.jpg>. And what I've described does not
mention the cable tram he foresees for mass transit and all the other little details that make
this machine the true engineering marvel that it truly is. Guess you'll have to wait for the

O) Spoke with Patty Mills of "Connection Magazine" last week. And it looks like a pretty strong bet
that we will be featured as a center spread in their ever growing and increasingly handsome
publication! I meet with Patty on Thursday!

P) We also heard from Matt Weaver last week. A very popular booth exhibitor last year, Matt has hit
85 mph on one of the bikes he designed, although it was unofficial. As well, he steers with the
aid the of a TV camera, like the technology he sold to Easy Racers recumbents and will have
several of his bikes and these systems on hand for us to wonder at. He also has a lot of video
footage of races he has been in all over the world that he tells me he can run on a TV set at his
booth. You can see some of what this amazing man is all about at:

http://www.speed101.com http://home.earthlink.net/~ccbroome/weaver.html

Q) The Bike Church <http://www.santacruzhub.org/bikechurchfrm.html> is looking for a volunteer
mechanic to run their shop for a few hours on a weekly Saturday basis. If you have experience
working on bikes, and want to help the Santa Cruz bike ctty keep its rubber side down, please do
let Charles, Tim, Josh, Pete or Quinton know via e-mail at <bikechurch @ santacruzhub.org>.

And even if you don't have a lot of experience, there's a good chance they'll train you. And these
guys are great. They're easy going, fun and a real joy to work with - a great group to be a part of!
And the service they offer is so very important to breeding new cyclists who otherwise could not
afford a bike as well as recycling a product that would otherwise become a part of the land fill if
not left to rust in someone's back yard.

Open Mon thru Friday from 3 to 7 behind the Santa Cruz Civic downtown, their phone is 425-BIKE.

MARTIN KRIEG: "Awake Again" Author c/o BikeRoute.com 79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle
Greenway CEO

Ever wanted anything so bad U were willing to die for it? Really die? By moving thru clinical death
and reversing paralysis, *I saw God* when I answered that question.
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