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May 19, 2017
HI Everyone,

I'm coming here with some serious lack of knowledge on bike components and hoping for a recommendation that will help me getting my bike up and running. First, a quick background. I bought my current bike (Norco Rush) about 15 years ago when I lived in the city. My plans were to do both street riding and some trail riding. I probably made it out 4-5 times and then life (Lazineness?) took over and I pretty much put my near mint bike into storage. Unfortunately, the storage area in my building was broken into and the numnuts took my rear wheel.

I currently live in a house, with more riding opportunities around me compared to the city, and I have a daughter who is now going to start riding. Therefore, I'm looking to get my bike ready so we can go out together. Given this, I need some help finding a replacement rear wheel.

Here are the specs on the bike I bought -

As seen in the link, the wheels are the 26" Shimano WH-R535. Given this, I'm assuming I will need to buy the following:

1) 26" Rear Wheel
2) Cassette
3) Tire
4) Tube

Ideally, I'd like to spend around $100 or under for this. If it's possible to get the same or better performance compared to my previous wheel than that would be great. Also, if it's recommended that I buy 2 matching wheels and get rid of my current front wheel then I'd like to keep the budget to around $200 for everything,

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Functionally, you need a wheel with:
-26" (559 mm)
-rim brake rim
-135 mm OLD (over-locknut diameter)
-can take a 9 speed cassette
-either a nutted or regular q/r axle

There are no functional issues with using different wheels front/back, as long as both fit the bike.
It'll look a bit odd, considering the distinct styling of the front wheel though.
The wheels you had were a bit high-end. You're not going to get a complete wheel at the same level for $100.
The good thing is, you don't need it. That low spoke count is pretty much only useful at top speed, say above 20 mph.
If you spend much time there, you shouldnt be on a MTB.
Unless you have the tool to mount the cassette, I suggest going to a bike shop and ask for a replacement wheel. They'll set you up with a generic, perfectly serviceable wheel and probably mount the cassette, tube, tire free of charge if you buy it there.
You might want to get a new chain too. Chains and cassettes wear together, and your old chain might not play nice with the new cassette.
Thanks, Dabac. It sounds like buying a cheaper wheel and cassette online won't save me that much, not to mention the tools needed to install (didn't even think of that).

I'll check out some local stores and see if they can take care of it.

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