Need advice for trading up wheels


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Oct 22, 2020
I have a Specialized Allez aluminum with carbon fork. I read everywhere that a good upgrade would be better, which I assume mostly means lighter, wheels. ( btw I was riding a long time with my rear tire at 120psi even though it said 100 and the dealer said use 100 - I didnt believe him - the other day I tried 100 and wow it made a huge difference - much faster and easier lesson learned)

I have Axis Sport wheels. They weigh 2077 grams.
I could use general advice about trading up. Just go to a good bike shop and give them a budget and turn them loose? Should I be after mostly a certain amount of lower weight or are other factors important.
I saw that a set of Roval CLX 60's were about 500g -- 1.1 lbs lighter - they cost $2200 though. I was hoping to spend $1000 or so. Is saving a pound too much to expect and will I notice if the new wheels are like only 1/2 lb lighter?