Need advice on bike purchase for commuting to work

Bootstrap Bill

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Jan 14, 2011
I have a ten mile commute on slightly hilly terrain. I'm 6'3", weigh about 200 lbs. I'd like to spend around $200. Can I get anything decent in that price range? I got a Kmart special a few years ago (less than $100) and rode it once.

What is the least I can spend for a decent commuting bicycle?

I'm in Murrieta, California if there are any local store owners reading this forum.
If 200 is your limit try checking for used bikes in your area. Unfortunatly there is no big jump in quality from 1 to 2 hundred dollars. If you can double your budget you may be able to get a decent Hybrid from your LBS. They are very comfortable to ride and make decent commuters.
$300 is about the price of admission for a bike shop bike that will fit you and hold up to rigorous use by a full-size adult. $400 can get you a very nice hybrid commuter that you will actually enjoy riding longer distances day in and day out. At 6'3" you will need a large frame (21-22" mountain bike or 21-25" hybrid). Cheap bikes are generally not available in sizes larger than 18".
$200 won't get you much at a regular bike store but if you have a keen eye then some of the bike recycling places sometimes have some surprising finds that have been donated.

I live up in NorCal, so I'm not to familiar with your neck of the woods down near Temecula but up here we have stores like this one:

"My car broke down and I was across the street and about to call a cab. I saw your shop and came over and bought a bike instead for $15.
– Re-Cyclery customer"

That quote just about says it all...

I've taken a looksie in that store and they've had old Cannondales that look pretty beat but are still a good ride - nothing a quick coat of matt black and a new set of stickers wouldn't fix. The price is right (dirt cheap), the money goes to a great cause and for less than $50 in some cases you get a bike that's upto the task of getting you from A to B better than the WallyWorld bike and you don't feel too ticked off if some theiving toerag cuts the cable and makes off with it.

There's always Craigslist.
It's tough to find a good bike for the $200 range. I would recommend going to a Sports Authority or ****'s, they have some decent bikes there for people on a budget.

Jason Krul

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