Need advice on what sort of Road bike would suit my needs


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Feb 15, 2010
Hi, im am an 18 year old living in the north east and looking to buy a decent bike for this spring that will let me get around the local country side's roads and out and about for distances up to about around 40km a day. I also hope to try the coast to coast but aim to travel as light as possible. I am looking to spend at most £700.
However i am also off to uni next year and would like a bike which would not be unsuited to university travel.

The options i am considering are Road, Cyclocross and Tourer bikes; each with their own advantages and disadvantages for how i intend to use the bike.

I would like a bike which is most like a road bike; with dropped bars and a light frame. However i feel as though a pure racing bike would be unpractical at university and therefore have considered tourers and Cyclocross bikes, of which at the minute Specialized Tricross appeals to be the most appealing.
I also am unsure as to how much riding a tourer would affect the speed and distances i could achieve if i was only out for an afternoons ride, traveling light - i dont want to end up with a bike that feels too clunky and does not have a good range of gears.

If anyone could please point me towards any other styles of bikes which may suit me more it would be much appreciated, or if anyone has any other solutions to my needs?
Such as buying a two cheaper bikes such as a £500 road bike and a £200 bike for university needs.

Thanks again