Need advice on wheel rims

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  1. I bought some Mavic 517 (now 717) wheels about a year and a half ago and
    the rims (braking surfaces) are already cupped. My last set of rims
    lasted over ten years - and through 1,000's of miles of loaded touring
    (the best kind .... hic º). The rear rim already also has a mild flat
    spot, too. It's enough to make my rear brake grab hard in one spot so it
    pulses, in a manner of speaking, and feels like it wants to lock up on
    me. The effect is very pronounced when I am going slow. I'm not happy
    about that, either, as I've not abused these rims nearly as much as I
    had in all the years past with my old ones - original equipment on an
    Bridgestone MB3 - not sure what they were). I wouldn't have even noticed
    the brake surface wear if it weren't for the effect that flat spot
    (mildly misshapen is a better term) has on my braking. It's very
    unnerving on a fast descent.

    In the last year I have increased the amount of mountain riding I do
    substantially. In fact, it's pretty much all I do, so I guess that could
    be the cause. (I ride an MTB setup like a hybrid bike and I'm talking
    about mountain road riding. Sometimes it's on dirt, but the vast
    majority is on paved road.)

    I flatted a couple of weeks ago and I think that may be the when the
    pulsing brake symptom started, although I've flatted many times (as much
    as anyone) without doing rim damage.

    So, I'm not sure where to go.

    Should I get some cheap, heavy, steel rims? (I don't think so, but it
    seems like an alternative. I'm not a light weight gear fanatic.)

    I've been informed about ceramic coated rims and am considering the
    Mavic 717's with ceramic. Is the ceramic really going to make the
    braking surface of the rim last substantially longer? Does anyone have
    experience or knowledge on this? That's my biggest question. Is it worth
    it to get ceramic coated rims?

    Any suggestions on good, moderately priced wheels? Last time I bought
    pre-built for the price (cheaper). Since my current Mavics have fairly
    new Deore XT hubs, I am going to keep them and have this new wheel hand
    built (I think). If I get ceramic, I don't think I have a choice. (I've
    been quoted $170 to have the Mavic ceramics hand built with my existing
    rear hub.)

    I'd appreciate any insight to help in my decision making process.


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