NEED ADVICE which bike is the best????


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Jun 12, 2012
so im summing up which bike is the best and as this will be my first bike, im a little unsure at just which bike is the best value for money? any one with bike knowledge who is wiling to assist would be most appreciated. here goes,

Felt F85
Fuji Roubaix 3.0
Giant Defy 3 (2011)
Polygon Helios 200
Reid Osprey
Cell Blade

As i said any help would be appreciated. I am looking to buy my first bike and dont know difference between all the specs. or if anyone has one of these bikes and can comment on there experiences.



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Dec 14, 2006
I voted for the Felt mainly because of their great customer service. I only have experience with Felt, Fuji, and Giant so I cannot be objective with the Polygon, Reid, or Cell. Of the first three, they are almost equal in terms of build quality and components. Your best bet is to test ride the ones that you can and base your choice on which ever one feels best to you.


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Jun 10, 2012
Hey I ended up not voting because I am not to experienced in cycling. Only thing I can say is I recently bought the felt z85 and love it. Idk what you are looking to get out of your bike but it comes with the 105 group and all that. Looks good and most importantly for me who is new it is comfortable. The diff of z and f for felt is z is a little more relaxed for longer rides without compromising very much speed at all where f series is the race styling. More aerodynamic and for me a little more uncomfortable since I ride for many reasons few are for actual intense races. So that's my input, very limited experience just food for thought, many companies have the 2 different series so check it out!


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Jul 7, 2012
Just joined and I too am inexperienced in the decision making. I currently am looking for a new bike and torn between 2 one of them is the GIANT Defy 3. Been doing a ton of research and it seems the best bike for price.

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