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Mar 8, 2003
I am about to build my own racer,and have just gotten hold of all the parts when i discovered a problem.
The frame is a gios slx and parts are 1993 7spd not used ultegra except for the crankset and rear derailer which are dura ace
from about the same year.
I discovered the problem on sheldon browns homepage, it says that pre 1997 dura ace derailers can only be used with the original dura ace shifters.I dont think i can get hand on these, so i think i will use the parts that i got, but not use the s.i.s function, i hope this will give me satisfying performance.
any comments?
I don't see why this won't work. You just won't run cables to your shifter pods, which may look a little odd, but it'll work.
I think what you're referring to is the use of Dura Ace STI shifters. It was recommended that these only be used with the Dura-ace rear gear due to the higher spring rating (stiffer) than Ultegra or 105. There's no reason for you not to use Ultegra SIS shifters with a Dura-ace rear mech.

Good luck with the new bike. I hope you have fun on it.

Neil, London, UK
actually the problem is that the da derailer is more sensitive than other derailers, and therefore shifts more than on gear per "click"in ultegra s.i.s system.Therefore i plan to use the shifter in the friction mode, but i am afraid that it will be difficult to find the gears,

Aarhus DK
it's the lever that controls the derailleur. So, if you move one click, it moves the rear gear the distance between two cogs, which is about 8mm. This distance is the same for all 7 speed Shimano systems, so as long as you have a 7 speed lever and a 7 speed cassette, then any shimano gear will work. Way back when 7 speed was the standard system, MTB racers used Ultegra gears with MTB SIS shifters and tourists used Deore rear gears with Ultegra shifters and wide ratio cassettes. Everything worked the same as long as it was all shimano. That's why they called it SIS = Shimano Inegrated System.

Try it, you'll be surprised. If you set it up correctly, you'll have no problems, only fun!

Hope it's getting warmer in DK,

Neil, London, UK
Hey Dane,

Glad you've got it working! Hope you are getting in plenty of Kilometers. See you on Team Fakta next year :)

Neil, London.