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    Apr 21, 2013
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    I'm a 26 year old male. 143-145 pounds 5"10'.

    I currently cycle about 20- 30 miles a day with a road bike.

    What I want to achieve is getting some bulk in my shoulders/chest but still lean where I can still bike.

    I'm tired of putting a lot in with nothing to show.

    Also I eat almost nonstop and its almost all foods with high nutritional value. I never gain weight be it fat or muscle. Most I've been was 150 last year when I was hitting the gym.

    I'm really not sure how I could eat much more. I eat about four meals a day and snack between. Its a running joke at work that I have a tape work/ hollow leg.

    Anything that I could take that would help me with this?

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    Jan 15, 2012
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    1. About the correct weight for your height.
    2. So... your burning somewhere about 1000 calories a day cycling. The actual calorie count for cycling is very debatable... but "around" 1000.
    3. If you want to build certain muscles... first place I'd start is exercising those muscles. Likely a little weight training.
    4. Yeah... think you have nothing to show now? Wait till you're injured and doing near nothing for months.
    5. I don't know what "high nutritional value" actually means. If it means high protein... there is one school of thought that a body can only process so much protein in a day. Maybe a high calorie, high carb diet might be more fating.
    6. It isn't volume.... it's calories. I've seen 300+ calorie cookies... that anyone could easily eat 6 of. Try counting calories.
    7. Eat a well balanced high calorie diet... and as long as you eat more calories than you burn.... you will pack on pounds.

    Years ago [this IS a true story] I knew a young lady who was painfully thin. She was afraid that if she didn't fill out (get a butt and breasts) she would never attract a husband. So after high school graduation her parents took her to a doctor. She explained to the doctor that she had eaten large amounts trying to gain weight... but just couldn't.

    The doctor said since she was unable to gain weight... he wanted to see if she could lose weight. He put her on a strict diet for two weeks. She lost over three pounds off her already very thin body. The doctor then instructed her to eat however she desired for two weeks.... after which he returned her to the diet. This diet on, diet off, went on for a few months.

    I ran into this lady years later and she had successfully gained nearly 200 pounds. Do be careful.
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    If you're looking to add bulk to your shoulders and chest, cycling isn't going to do that for you. Hell, cycling doesn't add bulk to much of anything. Have you seen pictures of cyclists? I suppose if you want to add bulk to your chest and shoulders you should target those areas with specific exercises at a gym or summat.
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    Adding muscular bulk and building muscle mass is about working out with weights, or picking up and putting down heavy stuff till you reach muscular exhaustion.

    If you want to get bigger pick up and put down heavier stuff, and more often. If you can do more than 10 repititions of whatever you are doing it's unlikely to make you "bigger". Fitter maybe, with more musclular density, possibly. But Bigger? Not likely.

    It would be intersting to hear what you are currently doing activity wise.

    Adding food will not do anything for muscle mass without the appropriate activity.