Need assistance with purchasing riding and training equipment?


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Apr 28, 2021
Good day, everyone! I recently began reading Time Crunched Cyclist in order to take my training more seriously. With the exception of weekends when I do gravel/mountain/road touring, I generally ride an XC bike on the roads. I knew that in order to get something out of the training, I'd have to get some new parts for my bike, and since I'm always travelling on tours, I'd also need a head unit. Sorry for the long introduction, but my issue is: given that I can only buy 1-2 things every month and that my budget is limited to $200-300 dollars, in what order should I buy the products below to get the most bang for my buck?

Edge 530 by Garmin (my head unit of choice)

a watt metre (gonna go with stages or 4iiii one sided)

heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensor

Dropper post with a one-up on the competition (currently I own a dropper post but the telescopic part rotates inside the sleeve during seated sprints, ultimately destroying my under carriage during long rides)

brand-new tyres (currently on G-One gravel tyres, however they are no good on loose and wet terrain, so my choice is new schwalbe racing brothers)
No point in getting a power meter without the head unit.

I highly recommend the Wahoo Element Bolt for a head unit - and they've just released a more sophisticated model with colour, rerouting and other stuff. They also have a package for a speed sensor, heart rate monitor and cadence unit.

I also highly recommend the Assioma Favero pedal (s) for a power unit. Single or dual-sided. Great pedals and a great price. Check them out.

Cost will be more than $200 to $300 though.

I don't see the point of a dropper post but that's up to you.

As far as tires go, buy them when you need them.