Need bike recommendations for 15 year old son

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    My first post here! Just wondered what folks would recommend -new or used bike for my 15 year old (16 in three weeks) and what brands to look at? I don't really want to spend $400 unless I really have to. His last bike was used and we got it for $100. He is 5'3 and a regular build. He'll be using it for mainly riding to his pals homes , plus local trails/ dykes.Thanks for your help

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    Being as his birthday is coming up, a new bike would delight him. For trail riding you'd need something that will take harder knocks than pavement use. A new bike from a bike shop will run you about $400. Walmart bikes are cheap and they look great, but you get what you pay for. I saw a video where two guys went trail-riding, one on a good quality bike and the other on the Walmart bike. They were out to test the Walmart bike. It took a bit of rough riding for a while, but the bike broke. I don't think the warranty would cover that, as it usually has a warning about how the must must be ridden.

    Here, in Florida, there are dozens of pawn shops with racks of used bikes. You need to know what to look for, mechanical-wise, but there are some bargains.

    Reading some statistics, a few days ago, I noted that 1.5 million bikes get stolen every year, with very few of them recovered. When your son gets to his friend's home, does he secure the bike? The last thing you'd want is an expensive bike being stolen.

    So, new or used? Flip a coin!
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