Need Buying Advice For A Hybrid Of Cyclocross Bike


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May 24, 2012
Hello Forum

I am a road biker for many years, I currently ride a Fuji Altamira 3.0

I am looking to do the Allegheny Trail (335 miles ...riding about 50 miles a day) on September. I checked the trail conditions and I think it is better for a Hybrid or Cyclocross bicycle.

I don't know too much of these technologies and seeking for a kind buying advice. I can only afford up to $650

I checked the Trek 7.2X but again I am not clear if this suits well the trails conditions

Alfredo Perez
Well, I've never owned any Trek, but it seems to get really good customer reviews and looks like a good choice for what you have planned
Not sure I would ever want to do a sustained trip like that on a Hybrid. 50 miles a day for a week straight would be a hard ride. This is where the upright position would work against you. It's designed more for shorter more recreational rides. I'm not saying it can't be done, just saying it's not the ideal tool for the job. It may however be the only tool in the price range,

A Gravel Grinder (cross bike outfitted for non-race duty) is a better fit. A better position for sustained riding, you'll be able to slog your gear over hills and mountains better. You'll have trouble finding one in your price range new.
Thanks ABNPFDR great you recomend any specific brand for me to look? if I understand your point it is better a cyclocross bike? am I right?

I can wait and save a little bit more money