Need Cygolite Owners Input


New Member
Sep 8, 2005
I am trying to decide between the CygoLite Night Rover Extra NiMH (16W) or the CygoLite Night Explorer NiCAD (25W). Those of you who have either of these please respond with your likes/dislikes/recommendations. NiMH are supposed to have longer run time and can be recharged at any time without damaging the battery and the NiCAD must be fully discharged before recharging so as not to decrease its recharging least this is what I've read...tell me if I'm wrong. I can't decide. If I get the NiCAD battery I'm afraid of being stranded in the dark because I didn't have enough juice left before recharging. The NiMH battery comes with the Night Rover Extra but it has less watts. Is the 6W wide beam on the Night Rover Extra good enough to see on county roads where there is no lighting? I'd like to get the Night Explorer but think the battery issues might cause me problems. If the Night Rover Extra puts out enough light to ride the unlit back roads then I could go with it since I think the NiCAD battery is better. Decisions, decisions...