Need expert advice on which bike would be better.


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Jul 15, 2016
I have 2 bikes I'm considering but don't know how to pick according to which has the best components and things like that. I just know what rides good.

I probably will ride the bike 20 miles 3 times a week mostly on more level paved bike paths or streets.

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Does the 1st bike have any better components than something I'd find at Walmart or any other big box store? I am trying to go one step up over big box but want to stay around 250 range...maybe up to around 300.00. Nashbar bike is on sale today so it would be around 300.

Thanks for any advice on these 2.
I think the Nashbar bike has a few slightly better components. Both of those bike would be a step up from Walmart ****.

Why are you looking at those two bikes?

Is there a reason why you haven't considered used bikes? For that kind of money you could get a really nice used bike that would be 10 times better and more reliable than either of those two. Buying used is not a big deal as long as you know what size you need, if you are uncertain about what to look for in a used bike, because a lot of used bikes are bike like what you're looking at, then you can come here and post the Craigslist listing for us to look at and help you with knowing whether or not it's worth looking at.