305 lbs -- been riding since 340 lbs; We're clydes -- perhaps -- SUPER Clydes. :)

As for frame suggestions, I have found that a good ChroMoly frame will do just fine. The issue is going to be the wear you put on things like wheels, bottom brackets and pedals.

I usually destroy my bottom brackets within 12 months of heavy use - not sure how that compares to others on the site.

I am not using a road frame at the moment so I cannot give specifics. I was riding around on an ancient (1969) Raleigh steel frame, and the major issue was spoke snapping every couple hundred kms. Frame is still rock solid but hanging in the garage.

I am currently using a Diamond Back Sorrento frame as my daily rider for city commuting. It is just fine taking this super clyde over potholes, grates, railway tracks etc.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask for clarification on anything i've said above.
I ride a Marin 62cm Lombard ( ) and love it. The frame is bigger then most 64cm I found. It has been a great bike to get back riding with. I need more bike,FOR FASTER LONGER RIDES. I took out the hubs, & drive train about 1,400 miles. I have a Marin 22 Mt bike I'm using for road, & trail for now. Hard to keep up with everyone when they are on road bikes. I will up date this bike over the next few weeks, as more 2013 gear comes out. But I like to have new bike when I reach my goal weight.

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