Need Help: Bought Bike no size listed!!!!


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Dec 4, 2014
I bought this bike, but there are no measurements. I'm 5'9". or 5'8 and three quarters. Will this bike be too small?
Schwinn Men's Axios 700c Drop Bar Road Bicycle, Silver/Black/Green, 18-Inch Frame Thanks for the help. I've spend three hours looking for the answer without finding the answer.
Presumably, the 18" size is the seat tube measurement from an unknown point A to an unknown point B ...
  • The seat tube measurement is only one of many measurements ... and, it is almost arbitrary because of the variance from maker-to-maker AND in style ([COLOR=c0c0c0]e.g., horizontal top tube vs. slanted top tube[/COLOR])
If you have the bike, already, then you simply need to measure the TOP TUBE to determine if the frame falls within a reasonable size range for your height ... If the frame's top tube is 54.5cm (21.5") to 56cm (22"), then it is definitely OK ... Depending on how FIT you are-or-are-not, ADUSTMENTS can be made by changing the stem and/or handlebars. FWIW. I'm 5'9" tall ... if the top tube of your bike's frame is within a centimeter of the fore mentioned range with a slightly shorter-or-longer top tube (i.e., 53cm to 57cm), then I could adjust it so that I would be comfortable on it.
  • IMO, to some extent, frame size is a cosmetic choice!?! On the other hand, I know someone who is probably a couple of inches taller than I am, and he says that he is comfortable on a 21.5" frame because of its slightly shorter top tube which allows him to have a more upright ([COLOR=FF0000]or, cramped!?![/COLOR]) riding position
Thanks for providing such a detailed response. The bike is currently in the mail and on its way to my house. I was just freaking not knowing if this bike would fit because the bike will be stuck in its box for months. It's Winter where I'm at (Wisconsin). Man, I didn't know Huffy got sold out a long time ago and is now made in China? Oh Well, this bike will be a major upgrade from my 15 year old Huffy Bike. I really don't know much about bikes and this whole time I had my seat way too low! All these years and didn't even realize this....Last time I was biking I didn't think I was going to make it. My legs had so much pain I couldn't even pedal! I didn't think I was going to make it and I was out in the middle of nowhere land without a cell-phone. Now I know the pain probably happened from having my seat too low.

I always wanted a road bike and when I bought the Schwinn Men's Axios 700c, it was listed as a road bike. Now I'm thinking it's a hybrid? Like I said I really don't know much about bikes and have been a little unlucky. There was somebody I knew that was selling a bike that I could have bought, but I didn't know he was going to sell it for $80.00. Then last Summer I saw a bike for sale while biking to work. I would have been late so I didn't get it. Big Mistake. And now I'm not sure about this Schwinn Bike, but at least it will be something. I just bought it because of the price being low $189.000

This bike looks cool, but the shipping would be $200 dollars.

Probably just stick to the Schwinn that's in the mail.
P.S. I didn't even know you could bike with snow on the road easily. Tried this out with my Huffy Bike on plowed roads a few days ago. It was kinda of fun.