need help choosing a new frame!

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by ccrnnr9, May 6, 2007.

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    My big project this summer will be to invest in a new bike build. I already have paid for a force groupset and plan to still run my powertap pro hub laced to some wheelset (have not yet decided). The only area that I have yet to decide is what frame I should buy. I have owned a couple different frames since I started riding and one thing I want is something that is not seen everyday. I ride 10-15 hours weekly and I race pretty often in the spring/summer. This bike will be my only bike for now (until I can afford to buy an additional roadie or a cross bike). That being said, I would like to keep my purchase in the 1000$ range (I can go above that if need be, but obviously the lower the better). I am in the unique position of working at a bike shop and getting a great discount on cannondales, felts, scotts, cervelos, bianchis, looks, and ridleys. The only thing is that I want this next frame that I get to be a frame I stick with for a long time. The weight is not too big of a concern to me as I will be building a light wheelset and will have a force groupo. I do not want a super heavy frame, but responsiveness and stiffness are more important to me. The second requirement is that the frame be something that has a classy look to it and is not something that is seen everyday. I prefer black, red, and white bikes but am open to any color scheme. I would like to see what you BF members come up with for me. Performance is the number one preference, but I have to at least like the look of my ride!