Need Help Finding a Cheap But Suitable Bike


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May 5, 2013
Could really use some assistance. Have planned to buy a used bike for some time now, last one was a cheap mountain bike which was too small and resulted in sore knees, and basically hit the scrap heap a couple of years back. Came across a bike sale at Canadian Tire this week which got me really interested in getting back into it. There is some definite appeal at seeing a bike that retails at $399, on sale for $200. However, some quick research reiterated what I basically already knew - ie. that department store bikes are not very good, which is why they're so cheap.

Unfortunately, $200 is basically what I can afford to spend right now. Now of course if a bike store had the perfect bike for $300 or slightly more, I might have to bite the bullet and find a way - I just don't think I can drop $600+ any time soon on one.

I don't have a car at the moment, and would also like to get more exercise, so I'm looking for a bike that would cover both bases. Predominantly pavement riding I guess, although being able to take it out on some trails as well is really appealing. I'm a little confused at the difference between "road" and "hybrid", from what I can tell I want a road bike, but feel free to correct me.

Around 6'1 and 280 pounds, so I need a fair-sized bike. Located in a relatively small town without a car, so it may be a little tricky to find the right one used through the Craigslist route. It's easy to say the department store bikes are "junk", but I don't necessarily want to wait until I can afford a better option, cause the summer blows by fast.

There are a couple of specialty bike shops in the area, so: (a) is there much chance they'd have anything remotely close to this price range, (b) if I get one at Canadian Tire, which would be the best option, and (c) if I look at the used route, can you guys help me narrow down exactly what I'm looking for (ie. size, company name, model, etc.)

Here's the flyer, am looking at the CCM Presto. Thanks for your help!