Need help getting info on a pre trek but still new Klein road bike frame.


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May 14, 2011
Just moved from Olympia WA to Rochester WA and my new neighbor, once I said that I sell alot on eBay, asked if I could help sell a Klein frame.
The frame is brand new as you can see in the pics. It does not have any model name on it. The thing sticking out of the post hole is the painting hanger. Also the lighter colors glow in the dark. It weighs 4lbs 4 ozs.

History on it.

His mother worked in the office at Klein , which was just ten miles south before the Trek buy out. His mother got this frame some how many years ago and he has been moving it around ever since.

Any idea based on the pics as to what model it might be, value etc. Anymore info that I can provide please ask.