Need help Giant TCR composite 2011 sizing please


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Mar 15, 2012

I am new in giant racer bikes, im planning to purchase a giant tcr composite 2 2011, i am 173 cm tall. I dont know about the inseams. I went to giant shop, unluckily they werent giving me any expert advises. I was told by them that i should i am between small and medium. And medium would be a perfect fit for they said. I went to fuji shop and they recommend a small for me for the fuji cycles. Anyone who owns a tcr 2011 and if someone could recommend the best size for me. THat would be a great help. BTW i own a giant xtc 2010 mtb it was a small but i extended the seat bars to make a perfect fit, i dont know about racer bikes. I hope someone can give me some advises here. Thanks
yes for 173 cm tall you are on the verge of Small vs Medium, in compact geometries, if you already owned a Small MTB from Giant then you have a good reference, since compact road bike geometry borrows a lot from a MTB geometry,
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yes for 173 cm tall you are on the verge of Small vs Medium, in compact geometries
Both a small or medium should be fine, the small might feel a little more responsive.
Small or medium for the Giant, depending on your posture and personal dimensions and how you want to sit on the bike. The medium might fit better right out of the carton, but if you want a lower posture size down and consider a longer stem.

Data point: I'm almost 6' with long arms and legs. My TCR is M/L (57.0 cm top tube, 17.0 cm head tube) with a short-reach bar and 13 cm stem.

Once you find your preferred head tube and virtual top tube lengths, sizing yourself becomes easy.
Thanks for the inputs.. I will be joining a couple of triathlons this year with the tcr bike. Is it safe to say that a small would best fit me?
[COLOR= black]First, go to Competitive Cyclist fit calculator and do a little fit home work before you buy.[/COLOR]

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[COLOR= black]I had a TCR (2008), I'm about the same height, and have a 73.6cm inseam. I rode a small and Giant use to post an approximate height range by bike size on the down tube. The small cut off was 5' 7". I'm a little more concerned by the top tube rather than frame size and generally favor 53 to 53.5cm TT, which in a lot of bikes is a 52cm frame.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR= black]If you are going to put clip on aero bars, I say stay with the small as the medium will stretch you out and not allow for a good tucked position. Of course this all depends on how long your torso and arms are. Depending on your flexibility, I would also keep an eye on how much room they left for you to adjust the stem up or down. There's nothing more silly than a racy looking bike with a gooseneck stem point straight up in the sky to get your handle bars to proper align with your seat height. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR= black]Lastly, I would ask around about how well that shop fits bikes. You’re really asking for two different fits for one bike.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR= black]As a side note, I didn't like my TCR. It had kind of dead ride and I always felt like I was dragging the backend up a hill. I actually, would look behind just to make sure something wasn't wrong, low tire or brakes touching. Same wheels and drive train with a different geometry and that sensation went away. That's just my experience, I know folks who love their TCR. It doesn't hurt that it's a great looking bike.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR= black]Buy fit and not brand, good luck, and have a fun tri season.[/COLOR]
Small - compact frame sizing isn't really and exact science like traditional frames.
Agreed, it is somewhere between small & medium.

I am 173cm with a 76 inseam. I ride a small TCR.
I would get the medium unless I was able to ride both and be absolutely sure I wanted the small. I am 169 cm with a 79.4 inseam and have ridden my TCR Medium for the last 15,000 miles and think it fits fine.

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