Need Help In Bike Buying :)


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Jul 5, 2015
Hello, I live in a big city but unfortunate the roads are not very good and bike accidents are common. I'm planning to buy a road bike but as I can see it will not be the safest so I decided to buy a mountain bike but was wondering if it's a good idea and if so what will be the best choice are KTM bikes good for city road?


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
KTM are great bikes.

If you're wanting to buy a MTB for commuting at least get one that has rigid forks and stays, you don't need shock forks for surface streets and all they do is add weight and cost to the bike plus take more effort to pedal it.

Personally I would look into either a hybrid or a cross bike. A hybrid will have wider tires than a road bike but not as wide as MTB's, and have MTB straight handlebars which will have more of a upright riding position, whereas the Cross bike can handle wider tires then a hybrid but not as wide as a MTB, and they can handle narrower road type of tires (of course it will mean you'll need to two sets of wheels to get really narrow tires on), and drop bars instead of straight bars with more of a road bike riding position. Hybrids are not recommended for off road use but people have used them in that manner. Also the cross bike frame is typically a bit more sturdier than a hybrid or a road bike.

If you want a do all bike the Cross is ideal.


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May 19, 2015
Hey Pauln yea KTM bikes are really good.
Froze is totally on point with his post above.

I say go to your local bike shop (known round these parts as LBS) and see what they offer in your price range.
Then go online and see what you can get shipped to you.
pricepoint, chainreaction, jenson,
There is one more that a co-worker uses but I can't remember what it is.

Get an idea of a few bikes you like, then come back here post them and we will give your our 2 cents on them.


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Feb 19, 2011
How much are KTM selling for over there? Since they are Austrian I suspect that they might be cheaper here.

A hybrid front suspension with Shimano is around 400 eurozzz here.

A Specialized that costs 900 USD in the states is 900 EUR here! Which is weird coz they are both made in Taiwan. :D

But on the other hand a 40000€ Mercedes is 30000$ there. :D Gotta love these US taxes. :D

+1 on a cyclocross bike... Also check Ridley and Bianchi. They both make some nice aluminium Cyclocross bikes (especially Ridley :p :D ) which would be great for commuting - touring.

Good luck! :)