Need help picking out replacement frame

No doubt, this guy was slamming the downtube HARD, granted it was an MTB frame. But yeah, a lot of the damage pictured in the link I posted above appears to be precisely where you indicate. The new Evo hi-mods claim to be more impact resistance than the Caad9. Timmy Duggan made a fantastic claim about his surviving after a car ran over his: Like its rider, Timmy Duggan's Cannondale SuperSix EVO Team has been knocked around, yet it bounces back. At the Tour of Poland, a car ran over his bike.... Whether true or not and exactly how the car ran over it can only be guessed upon by those not present.
You can search up on the Internet for the frame. Well, there are many companies that manufacture the frames for this specific model and that is why, you ca buy variety of frames on the Internet. Just put up the model name in the search box.