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  1. I need to remove a cheap crank from a square-tapered hub. The thread on
    the crank is stripped beyond salvation. I have no idea how
    to proceed. Can I save my hub?

    I'm considering just taking the nut off and riding around until the
    crank works itself loose. Somebody stop me.

    Crank removal tips please.

    Thank you.

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  2. john_childs

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    You can try using a 'bearing puller'
    ( to remove the
    crank. But that would require that you buy a bearing puller if you
    don't already have one.

    The cheap and easy way would be to take the nut off and ride around till
    it comes loose. Just be careful it it's a steel crank. Steel cranks
    can damage the hub taper much more easily than an aluminum crank.

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