Need Help ! riders needed for Belgium Trip

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  1. Two Spoke

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    Hey all !

    I signed up for this vacation, but unless they get enough riders it's not going to happen, so I
    figured I would See if anyone might be interested. Check it out.

    The PRICE is INCREDIBLE ! What you get: -Lodging- in a really cool vacation house at the base of the
    Kemmelberg climb ! -Home cooked meals ! -Pick up and drop off at airport -Massages daily ! -Feedzone
    support -Team Follow Car ! -Entry into all races !

    On this vacation, all you will have to do is race! This is the dream of all bike racers, make it a
    dream come true in Belgium this summer!

    Think about how much you would spend on this alone in the US for a week of racing ! And this is in
    the Heart of Belgium ! Perfect way to see the country, race in Europe like a pro and bring home tons
    of great stories !

    We will also have group rides organized daily on some of the classic routes, if anyone might want to
    spend a week riding in Belgium but not racing.

    Here's the web address. 540-587-9025ph.

    Cheers, H

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