Need help-What's my bike worth?


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Jul 20, 2007
I need to sell my bike and was curious what you guy thought it might be worth.
2005 Giant OCR Limited - all carbon fiber with dura ace and ultegra components. Less than 500 miles. Carbon fiber is all perfect like new. Only a few scrapes on the rear clasps and the outside of the shifters (getting used to clips, lol).

I saw one on ebay with more miles and sold for 1250. I was thinking around 1200. Do you guys think that is fair?
mskaufman84 said:
I would say 1200 to 1500 would be a fair range. What was it new, 2500?
It was 1900 new. A great deal even new for carbon fiber and all ultegra/dura ace.

Thanks for the help. I have asked around to friends and aquaintances but few want to spend that much. I think I'm going to wait until our local shop manager gets back from the Oregan race next week and have her just go through it so I can confirm that everything is perfect and probably put it on ebay at starting bid 1200 I guess.