Need help with finding a good bike


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Mar 20, 2016
I really want to get into cycling. My fiance has been riding bmx for most his life and I would just love to be able to ride a bike with him. Nothing BMX style. I would just like to be able to go out with him when he goes and plus I thought it would help with exercising.
You'll need answers to the following questions:

Where will you be riding? Trail, street, mountains, etc
What distances do you see yourself wishing to ride?
What speeds do you wish to ride?
How much do you wish to spend?

When you can answer all these questions, take your answers to a local bike shop and let them know. That will give you a starting point.

Brian in VA
I would recommend a bike that can easily be repaired or upgraded at a reasonable cost. Money is not always the biggest factor for most but sometimes it should be. Try not to focus too much on the brand name and look deeper into the quality of the bike itself. I'm sure with some research you will find something that you will enjoy.
I would recommend you to buy the bike online. You can also buy the bike from the local stores but if you buy the bike from the online, you will get proper discounts and you will get the same bike for a much lesser price. So, go online and choose from the collections of hundred of bikes.