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    I just started riding about 6 weeks ago after about 20 years. When I
    rode back in the day we didn't even think to try the trials type stuff
    that is being done now. I was surprised at how easy hopping was for me.
    The first day I got my current uni (a Nimbus 24" Muni), I was able to
    hop indefinitely. This was cool. But I have been practicing alot and
    still can't seem to hop any higher than about 8". I haven't tried seat
    out hopping yet. Is that what is necessary to get the higher heights?

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    you can jump higher without going to seat out. lowering the seat is one
    good idea. another is to lower the pressure in your tube (assuming
    you've got it at max psi). also, practice snapping the tire when
    jumping. if you dont know what that means, basically the ideal method
    is to push down extra hard as you jump and the bounce of the tire will
    lift you higher in the air. when i was riding trials on my 24" i could
    get 17" seat in before i started working on seat out.

    i dont know your hopping ability, but practice doing brief stillstands
    between each hop (maybe 1 second each). this is essential for hopping
    higher because it will greatly help in setting up for hops.

    i will also briefly mention air pressure in your tube. different people
    prefer different pressures so test it out for yourself. keep in mind,
    if you can bottom out (rim touches ground) from hopping in place then
    you are too low. generally speaking, lower pressure is more bouncy and
    will help if you are just learning trials while higher pressure is
    needed for really high hops (>28") and for natural trials where you will
    be hopping on surfaces that are not flat. you should be able to find a
    suitable pressure for yourself.

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