Need help with rear brakes on a TE recumbent clone

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Robert Box, Jan 22, 2003.

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  1. Robert Box

    Robert Box Guest

    Need some help concerning the brakes on my Tour Easy recumbent clone. I have posted on
    recumbents.rec also. I am running 20" front and 26" (559)rear tires. Got some Odyessy caliper brakes
    , that run on many older freestyle and bmx bikes,and and set up the frame / forks for them. Front
    brake works like a charm. Super braking with it.

    But the rear is a sad story. It would only slow the bike. And not slow it a great deal. Will not
    slide the rear wheel even in the dirt. Dragging your feet is much betterthan using rear brake.

    So, I put a "Bulldog" caliper on the rear. I these are Dia-Compe.

    Like these.

    Readjust everthing and same story. Both of these calpers are well made, beefy construction, that do
    not appear to flex ect. And as I said, the front one works great.

    Dug around in my parts boxes and found a no name steel caliper that came off an old Murray comfort
    bike. Installed on the rear , adjust ect. Now decent brakes , but not great .

    I used cable stops on the frame to cut housing length to a minimum. So , I do not think housing is
    compressing . Good Dia-compe pads that have been successifully used on other projects. Pivot bolts
    lubed, brake pads properly toed in . The pads are in the center of the adjusting slots on the
    caliper, not out at the ends. I have put the same Odyssey calipers on a custom cruiser of mine with
    good results.

    My question, what gives? Any help would be appreciated.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.